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Angels In The Desert

Storyline: When a Black Soldier defies his White Commander, sparks fly in Desert Storm when the truth is revealed: the Black Soldier cannot seal a gas mask and he was deployed to his death.

Who is Miquiel Banks?

Miquiel Banks (MB) is an Investigative Story Alchemist with a concentration in Visual Learning. 

He is currently bridging the worlds of Story Construction, Story Deconstruction, Visual Learning, Visual Thinking, and Storytelling.

His interests range from Hip Hop, Mythology, Egyptology, Semiotics, The Heroic Journey, Music Production, and Graffiti Artwork.


Like most ATLiens, MB began his life as a B-Boy in the days of Early Hip Hop.

He entered Hip Hop as Sage-El (Spiritual Ambition Gives Everyone Eternal Life) and garnered a lot of local attention.

After High School, he entered the Army and graduated from Morris Brown College.

After graduating, he relocated to the Tampa Bay Area and continued his lifelong duty as a Honorable Knight under the guidance of Mother Hip Hop.

These days, you can find MB throwing his back out in Small Spots in Orlando, Winter Haven, Tampa Bay, St. Pete, Safety Harbor, Dunedin, New Port Richey, Sarasota, and Venice.


MB's aptitude for Computers and Writing led him to a Unique Career Path - Technical Writing. He spent 20 years as a Technical Writer, retired, and is pursuing other efforts.

As a Technical Writer, MB has worked for Major Corporations like Verizon, AT&T, Jabil, AGS (American Gaming Systems), Cadillac Jack, Dell SecureWorks, and Spectrum.
In 20 years, he's never been late on an assignment.

As a Consultant, he has worked with Sophia Stewart (Creator and Owner of the Matrix/Terminator Franchises), Dr. Khalid Muhammad, Dr. Mario Beatty, Pamela Jaye Smith, Stanley D. Williams, Mitchell German, Michael B McCray (Mike Fresh), John "Redvoid" Sexton, Funky49,  Dan Hetzel (Dan Hetzel Video), Miss Vera Benton, Donna Akiba Sullivan Harper Ph. D, and many others.


  • ​#1 Amazon-Author (4 Times)
  • ​Highly Decorated Military Veteran (AWOL, MIA, POW, EPW)
  • ​Desert Storm Veteran with a Honorable Discharge
  • ​Award-Winning Newspaper Editor
  • ​Award-Winning Technical Writer
  • ​Award-Winning Mind Mapper
  • ​Global Authority and Expert on the Moral Premise
  • ​Global Authority and Expert on the Heroic Journey
  • ​20 Years as a Technical Writer without ever BEING LATE on a Project

Visual Learning For Storytellers

What is VLFS Media?

VLFS Media (Visual Learning for Storytellers) is a Global Hub for Storytellers of all genres, including Non-Fiction, Investigative Blogging, and Creative Writing.

What is Visual Learning for Storytellers?

Visual Learning for Storytellers is a new and invigorating Science that incorporates Visual Learning, Heroism Science, Quantum Mechanics, The Heroic Journey, Mythology, Semiotics, and Gnostic Techniques to arm Modern Storytellers with the proper tools to tell Global Myths.

What is a Story Alchemist?

A Story Alchemist is a Content Creator that has become an Expert in all branches of Storytelling, ranging from Investigative Journalism, Blogging, Technical Writing, Book/Script Editing, Book/Script/TV Series Writing, Poetry, Songwriting, Newspaper Editorials, Heroism Science Theory, Thematic Writing (the Moral Premise), and Resonant Communication (Content Marketing).


Miquiel's Editorial skills are proficient and he is immaculate in his precision. He ensures that your work is done correctly and, most times, your work goes to another level with his story insight. I would highly recommend Miquiel's services to help with your books and your scripts. 

Out of all the Editors and Book Doctors and Story Theorists on this planet, there's a reason I chose Miquiel to proofread and edit my latest book, Matrix 4 The Evolution: Cracking the Genetic Code. I only collaborate with the best in the business!

- Sophia Stewart (Owner, Creator, and Author of The Matrix and Terminator Franchises)
Miquiel is a known mind mapping expert and MindManager super-user. 

So it was our pleasure to be able to have his content published on the MindManager blog. Miquiel approached us with a unique topic pitch, drafted all content to a high quality, and added a creative flair that was unique and customer-focused. 

If you're looking for a passionate and energetic content creator, Miquiel is your guy and I would not hesitate to hire him again or recommend him to others. 

- Julie Harrison, Director of Marketing, Corel
Pamela Jaye Smith Testimonial goes here
Miquiel Banks is a hard working, critical thinking communicator who has never ever given up striving for truth and reason. May God bless him always.

- Stanley D. Williams, The Moral Premise
Miquiel Banks did an exceptional job in editing the pitch deck for my documentary series entitled, NO ADDRESS. It was professionally done, with a quick turnaround time and now ready to market to the film industry. I highly recommend his company in handling any of your marketing needs!

 - Caletta Harris, Reel2Real Productions
I worked with Miquiel on a blog series for the MindManager Blog that outlined how business owners can use mind maps and information visualization to manage their work, their companies, and their life. Miquiel was very responsive, quick, and thorough in his work, and provided us with an invaluable series for our blog readers. He's a skilled writer and a great storyteller.

 - Brendan McConnell, B2B Content Marketing Manager, Corel
Miquiel Banks has helped me with some very complex projects over the course of several years. In every 
single case, he has delivered. Not only has Miquiel delivered, but he has, in each case, exceeded my

Miquiel has read my screenplays, books, and essays and given very detailed, in-depth
feedback  about things that could be changed and corrected to make for a much more improved product. 

Friend,  Fellow Professional, and expert, this man has consistently made life easier for me through his dedication to excellent work. 

I would willingly recommend Miquiel to anyone I know.

- Michael Marks, Director/Writer of Angel of Hate
I have had the pleasure of knowing Miquiel for 6 years. Miquiel is a very hard working employee. Always brought a lot to the table. 

He has an eye for design, exceptional research skills, and he is skilled in storytelling. 

He is smart and innovative. He's a published and gifted writer and a problem solver and just a pleasure to be around. 

I highly recommend Miquiel any UX or Tech Writing jobs.

- Daisha Marie Paz, UX Designer
I worked with Miquiel for a little over a year, and in that time I learned to count on him in many ways. First and foremost, Miquiel was reliable and consistent with his production; I could always count on him to deliver his projects on-time and to-specifications. 

In addition, Miquiel was and continues to be an innovative and dynamic problem-solver and critical thinker; when researching solutions, I would often consult with him, and frequently he would recommend a new cutting-edge tool or solution I hadn't considered.
Miquiel is an exceptional writer, a diligent colleague, and a dependable resource for innovation solutions to complex problems.

I would have no reservations about recommending Miquiel for any tech writing job at any level.

 - John Paz, Senior Content Design, Atlassian


2020 - Teacher Appreciation Day (Coming Soon)
2020 - The Polymath Pilgrimage
2009 - The Jesus Critique
2007 - Ribarchery
2006 - Rustic
2004 - Romantic (Debut)


Angels in the Desert

Storyline: When a Black Soldier defies his White Commander, sparks fly in Desert Storm when the truth is revealed: the Black Soldier cannot seal a gas mask and he was deployed to his death.
Tagline: The Part of Desert Storm that wasn't televised.


Do My Name (See Video)

This Project will be a Free Tag given out to one Monthly Winner and it will be delivered to the Person (via Courier). 
This Project is limited only to the Tampa Bay/St. Pete Metro Area.

Work with MB

This Project will help Select Authors learn the Frameworks and Principles behind Mythologies and Great Storytelling.
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