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Miquiel Banks is an Investigative Story Alchemist with a concentration in Visual Learning.

He is currently bridging the worlds of Story Construction, Story Deconstruction, Visual Learning, Visual Thinking, and Storytelling.


Miquiel Banks was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated from Southside High School in 1988.

After graduating, he joined the US Army and served in Desert Storm in 1991, where he became the only person in US History listed as AWOL, MIA, and EPW (his account is published in his memoir Angels in the Desert).

During the 90s, he started college at GSU (Georgia State University), but soon transferred to HBCU Morris Brown College to major in English Language and Literature.

As the Editor-in-Chief of theWolverine Observer, he was awarded three consecutive awards at the Southern Regional Press Institute Newspaper Competition (1997-1999).

After school, he spent twenty years in Technical Writing, and now his interests have returned to Visual Learning, Blogging, and Storytelling.

He is currently working on several projects and attempting the impossible: MB is debunking the deciphering of the Hieroglyphics and attempting to redo them over from Ground Zero.

Wish Him Luck!


#1 Amazon Author (4 Times)

Award-Winning Newspaper Editor

Award-Winning Technical Writer

Global Authority (The Moral Premise)

Finished (#publish10bookschallenge)

MindManager MAPPIE Award Winner

Desert Storm Veteran

Contracts and Partners

MB has rubbed with the following people and corporations:

Sophia Stewart (Owner and Creator of The Matrix and Terminator Franchises)

Pamela Jaye Smith (Mythologist, Author, International Consultant/Speaker, and award-winning Writer/Producer/Director)

Stanley D. Williams (Author of the Moral Premise, Film Producer, Story Consultant, Distributor)

Mitchell German (Founder of ReelWriting, creator of Plot Control and Episode Control, Screenwriter)

Khalid Muhammad (Black Nationalist Leader, Nation of Islam, The New Black Panther Party)

Morris Brown College, Georgia State University, St. Petersburg College

US Army, Corel, MindManager, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, AT&T, Jabil, Dell SecureWorks, Verizon, AGS, and Spectrum

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