We don’t need no education

We don’t need no thought control

– Pink Floyd

Prep School

You’re going to find lots of information about the Heroic Journey (HJ), but to ensure you understand the concept, we’ll start with its benefits.

The benefits of the Hero’s Journey are as follows:

  • You can use it as a template to ensure your story has proper foundation
  • It ensures your material delivers what the audience expects
  • It forces you to find organization in a finite space

After all, it is a tool for story structure; no more, no less.

High School

Cutting edge?

Absolutely not.

The Heroic Journey is a pattern that Joseph Campbell re-discovered that is present in all ancient myths.

Don’t get caught up, ask the real question.

Why not put up whole walls instead of just bricks?

That’s what the HJ does for your projects, for your business, for your life.

It is a blueprint for building many things, at this time, it’s ONLY known for building stories.

In truth, it’s a spiritual guide to get faster results.

If you choose to ignore it, that’s your fault.

Go ahead, I dare you, spend your life working more and achieving less.

And your work will dwindle down to ONE THING.

What’s that, you ask?

It’s YOU putting another brick in the wall.

Grad School

In screenwriting, it is common knowledge that structure is important, but in novel writing, writers (professionals included) dodge structure like you dodge traffic after a bad day at work.

They know it exists, but do they talk about it?

Don’t believe me, go to your local bookstore and browse books on writing and see how many discuss structure.

You’re going to run into the common elements: plot, character, POV, tone, style, and the rest of those things you hear in workshops.

This separation brings problems and makes me wonder.

Why can’t there be unified principles for common things?

And in the field of writing, the HJ is that common branch that connects all the roots of the tree.

Despite the project (script, ebook, webinar, presentation, product launch, video game, etc.), the HJ is an exciting and motivating framework (structure) to develop and build your story.

Don’t think of it as cliff notes, it’s not a shortcut.

It’s a way to organize and ensure your story has a solid foundation.

From there, you must organize and reveal your story to the audience in the best possible way.

And no, you didn’t read that wrong.

I said organize and reveal, which is a different subject from the foundation.

You’re worried about the foundation, the place to build our story from.

And the HJ is the foundation.


Using the HJ is more than a trip or having an experience, it’s an arrow that points you in the right direction.

And the farther you see (vision), the stronger the HJ helps you reach your goals (mission).

By providing you with these tools, the HH is the compass to judge your progress.

And what is progress, but going past what you thought were limits?

And what are your limits?

It’s those BRICKS in the wall…

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