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The World Changed Yesterday

May 01, 2023•1 min read

"Discipline teaches us that you have the freedom of range based on your own POWER and you are only restricted by those with GREATER POWER." - Amaru Xi Ali


To the rest of the world, it was a Regular Sunday and it was Windy.

That was the highlight of their lives.

What a Shame, isn't it?

I have been deep in the Esoteric Circles for decades and there has ALWAYS been a Persistent Rumor.

They promised that one day, the Leviathan Spell or the Spell of Kingu, would lift and allow us to see.

This rumor has been persistent and consistent since the 90s.

And its truth died the day Dr. York went to Prison.

But I'm here to say, whether it is true or not, is NOW irrelevant.

Yesterday, the veil was lifted and the TRUTH dropped down and hit us all like a Spiritual Hammer.

Quick Recap

Here are a few of the Bizarre Truths that were released to the world yesterday:

  • The Bible was written AFTER The Quran

  • Muslims wrote the Bible

  • There is no such thing as European, Greek, or Roman History

  • There are no Greek or Roman People

  • There is no such thing as Ancient Hebrew

  • Biblical Psychology rules over 90% of the World


With such powerful ideas hitting us all at once, I am calling on all of you to put on your Study Caps.

The rest of 2023 is going to be interesting.

Buckle Up, it's going to be a tough ride for those who refuse to accept the Truth.

Homework Questions

  • Why do you disagree with the statements above?

  • Where did you get your information from?

  • How do you know what you "BELIEVE" is the Truth?

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