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Blogging Apps in 2023

April 26, 20232 min read

“One App to Replace Them All.” - ClickUp Tagline


It's 2023 and for some reason, writing is still a problem for Technology.

We got AI, 3D Modeling Technologies, 3D Printers, Engineering Apps, Quantum Computing, but the Writing Apps we have today are absolutely HORRIBLE.

You hear me - absolutely HORRIBLE.

How is that we can model space and distant galaxies, but can't produce a "great" writing app, much less an adequate Blogging App?

Image - goalscape app


I thought, Goalscape is great for Visualizing Goals, it should be great for blogging.


This app is polished and wonderful for Achieving Goals, but for Blogging, it fell short.

Way short.

Sorry, but this didn't work for me.

image - mindmanager app


Naturally, I went to my trusted Mind-Mapping App to deliver me from the pain.

Come on, it's Mind-Mapping, it can do anything!

Sorry, but I got shawted!

I tried out MindManager on MAC OS X and it's a wonderful app, but the steps to blog and write freely, this app is a bit too clunky and not the "free from" experience I require as a Blogger.

image - scrivener app


Since I'm the "Writing Dude," I went to my trusted Writing App, Scrivener.

Scrivener can do everything!

And yes, it is a powerful writing environment, but for blogging, the seamless writing experience went silent for me.

I looked and looked, I couldn't find it.

So I scrapped Scrivener and continued my search.

image - apple notes

Apple Notes

Don't get me wrong, Apple Notes is powerful and simplistic, which is great.

The writing experience is quick and it can be shared with several devices, however, it's not designed for blogging.

It's really designed for "taking notes," so I got shawted again.

(Big Sigh)

image - clickup app


After leaving Airtable and SmartSuite for ClickUp, I thought to myself, what if I can use this new app?

So I dove in, watched the LevelUp 2023 video and gave it a chance.

And it worked out for me!

ClickUp has "Native Docs" within the app and with the other features, this is a powerful and simplistic blogging environment.

I jumped all the way in, accidentally created a workflow and right now, I am writing this very blog in ClickUp.

What an experience!

I never thought about it as a Blogging App, but it works very well.


I know, I know.

So many apps and I jumped all over the place, but was it worth the time?

Of course it was.

ClickUp has delivered on some many levels, I am pondering doing an entire Blog Series on this wonderful App.

Let me know if you'd like me to go IN on ClickUp and deliver a Blog Series or a Free eBook, possibly a case study.

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