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Living the Life of an Electron

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February 27, 20233 min read


I’m going to let you in on a simple truth.

There are a few creative people in existence.

We are known as “Electrons.”

Everybody else is a “Parasitic Force” that maintains the marketplace, better known as “The World.”

Those people are called “Protons and Neutrons.”

Our Journey

We’re going past the masks of society, especially the normal ones.

Past the class, past the castes, past the colors, past the religions, past the culture, past ethnicities, and past the introvert/extrovert argument.

Now, down at the primal arena of life, we can actually “SEE” reality.

And at this level, we can see ourselves as we are, not as we wish, nor as our families wish, and definitely not what society encourages.

And though we come down the rabbit hole on different sides, it’s the same down here.

I come as the Hip Hop Evangelist, some come as Rappers, some come as Yeekers, some come as Music Producers, some come as DJs, others come as Pioneers.

But down here, we’re all the same.


Our Struggle

We weave and push our way throughout the universal space of Hip Hop, watching the exploitation of ATL Culture, the birth of Crunk, the sustainable hub of Fye, the destruction of Hip Hop, the embarrassing empire of Trap, or the TR-808’s global enslavement of Drum Production.

And what we see amazes us, it’s simply amazing how the beauty of the microscopic is the pinnacle of the macroscopic.

And we ponder . . . 

Until our Spirits scream at us — go share!

When we share, we return to “The World” and the protons and neutrons are clustered together and we get pissed.

Give me some room Shawdy!

However, we realize that’s what they do.

They love hanging out, bothering people, and talking.

Oh My God - the talking!

Remember my friend, that’s what THEY DO, but not us.

We create and evolve.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Engaging the World

When we arrive, we change the molecular structure of the nucleus and the Marketplace is better for our arrival.

They spoke about droughts, about the market crashing, about the dollar crashing.

But now everything is in an upward swing.

It’s better, but what do they do?

They turn and peer deeply at us , the Creators.

And they start doing what they do best - they start talking.

Oh My God, the talking!

And we hear the same things we hear on TV.

How dare you change our world?

How dare you make us carbon instead of hydrogen?

How dare you push us to evolve?

After being scorned and shunned, we leave and lick our wounds.

And always, we find ourselves ALONE, but not LONELY.

A few minutes later, Mother Hip Hop visits us and showers us with divine gifts.

And that’s life for Electrons in the Ecosystem of Hip Hop.


We change the structures of social places, making them stronger, better, and more efficient.

And we are met with challenges and difficulties, and many times, we are never appreciated.

So if you’re experiencing turmoil, pain, disrespect, and disdain, do not give in to the pressure.

Just remember that, as an Electron, it is your SACRED DUTY to spread the love of Mother Hip Hop and ensure symbiosis continues, with or without approval from those losers (protons and neutrons).

Good Luck living your Electrical Life Shawdy!

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Miquiel Banks is the Power behind his Educational Site, The Hip Hop Evangelist. His site is dedicated to cultivating and preserving ATL Hip Hop and Yeek Culture.

Miquiel Banks

Miquiel Banks is the Power behind his Educational Site, The Hip Hop Evangelist. His site is dedicated to cultivating and preserving ATL Hip Hop and Yeek Culture.

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