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Should you care about Yeeking?

May 19, 20232 min read

“Hip Hop Dancing is a way to tell stories and express emotions through movement.” - Missy Elliot

NOTE: If you're looking for the History of Yeek, click here.


Decades ago, I got into an argument with a Yeeker about ATL Hip Hop.

Believe it or not, this came out of his mouth.

Hip Hop has nothing to do with Yeeking, they are two separate things.

Like you, I stood in pain and paused, how do you respond to a horrible viewpoint?

However, I now must realize that if a Yeeker can be lost, the rest of Humanity will surely be confused and lost in Non-Cultural Whirlwinds.

So this blog post will definitively answer this question.

The Connection

I'm going to make this simple.

ATL Hip Hop is the Family Tree and Yeeking is one of the Major Trunks.

Why is this such a hard topic to grasp?

People don't have problems categorizing Breakdancing as Hip Hop, but have a problem with doing the same for Yeeking.

Let's break it down people.

Yeeking is the Original ATL Form of ATL Hip Hop Dancing, that's it.

Let's not complicate the issue.

Now, let's return to the original question, why should you care about Yeeking?

Why you should care about yeeking

  • It shapes our identity

  • It provides us with a sense of community

  • It enriches our lives

  • It inspires us

  • It is a powerful force for Good

How Yeeking can benefit us

  • It helps us to learn and grow

  • It helps us connect with others

  • It helps us appreciate the beauty of ATL Hip Hop

  • It helps us find our place in Nature, not the World

  • It has an immediate impact on others


As one Major Piece of ATL Hip Hop, Yeeking is a vital ingredient in experiencing the ATL Hip Hop Culture.

I strongly suggest when you have time, attend the Yeekfest that happens every year in ATL, get your popcorn, go to the stage and watch the Original Yeekers put on a show!

Homework Questions

  1. What is Yeeking?

  2. Why do you care about Yeeking?

  3. Can you name Five Yeek Groups?

  4. Can you name Five Famous Yeekers?

  5. What is the Yeekfest?

  6. When is the next Yeekfest?

  7. Who started the Yeekfest?

  8. When did Yeeking begin?

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Miquiel Banks

Miquiel Banks is the Power behind his Educational Site, The Hip Hop Evangelist. His site is dedicated to cultivating and preserving ATL Hip Hop and Yeek Culture.

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