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Should you trust AI?

April 19, 20234 min read

“Before we work on artificial intelligence, why don't we do something about natural stupidity?” - Steve Polyak


I know many of you are peeping out AI and looking at this wonderful opportunity.

Many of you are thinking the same thoughts:

  • I can come up with this

  • I can take over with this

  • This is my chance to take over

  • This is my breakthrough

But, let's discuss a few things before you jump in to this "So-Called" Revelation for Humanity.

The Big View

If you feel that AI is just a tool for you to "get ahead," then this Blog is NOT for you.

I am writing this blog to help you make an "informed decision" about the Technology, that's all.

For those tekkies, this is nothing new.

But for those not so inclined, here's some of the overlapping technologies involved with the new AI Revolution of 2023:

  • Deep Learning

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Computer Vision

  • Robotics

  • Quantum Computing

  • Machine Learning

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Data Science

Are you an expert in these Fields or these Technologies?

If not, then I suggest you take the time to brush up on your Research Skills and go PEEP.

As a Virtual Assistant

For me, AI is just another tool and it does not replace ME.

Within Hip Hop, I am using it as a "Virtual Assistant" to help me out with gathering information, data, and other items.

Don't get it twisted though, I am the one writing my blog and I ensure my blogs are filled with "Organic" and information from "Primary Sources."

In this regard, using AI as a "Virtual Assistant" is a wondrous experience.

I think of it as a "personal Google Search" optimized through an Alexa-Lens.

As a Reference Tool

Now, let's talk about using AI as a Reference Tool.

Today, I needed information on the Song "Sideshow" by Blue Magic.

This is nothing big, but peep out how I got shawted.

I sent ChatGPT the following prompts:

  • Give me a summary of the song Sideshow by Blue Magic

  • What are the chords used in the song Sideshow by Blue Magic

  • How was Sideshow produced and recorded by Blue Magic

  • What made Sideshow a unique song when it was released in 1974

And I sat back and watched it "spit out" profound errors, are you kidding me right now?

The first major mistake is its response of the Song's Summary.

AI - Blue Magic Question

What in the world is this AI talking about?

Do you think this is a proper summary of the song Sideshow?

So, I let that slide and kept it moving.

Here's a later response:

Al - Blue Magic Responses

Are you confused?

What does AI mean about the song's memorable chorus line (I'm living in a lover's masquerade)?

For those who love R&B, the only song about a Masquerade that I know is George Benson.

Next, what does it mean by the number two response, a minimalist approach?

Yet, in number 5, it says the Philly Sound was characterized by lush arrangements, hold on now:

  • Is R&B minimalist?

  • Is the Philly Sound minimalist?

  • Is the Philly Sound categorized as Soul or as R&B?

Remember, this is a simple issue - a Song.

However, the TRUTH is always in the details.

And in this case, in the "FINE PRINT."

AI - the Fine print

Now, let's discuss the Risks with trusting AI for gathering data and facts.

The Risks

You must remember AI is an algorithm and machine learning and all sorts of things, but never forget that it is driven by "data."

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the Cultural perspective of the person/persons that fed the data into the AI?

  • Do the person/persons that fed the data have inherent biases?

  • Can the person/persons have implanted biases in the data ON PURPOSE?

  • If there is bias in the data, how can the AI veer from its original programming?

  • If there is bias in the data, doesn't that make the AI biased as well?

  • Can AI be another tool used for Social Engineering?


I am asking that you understand AI and its limitations before you jump in headfirst.

For those who have success stories and talk about all the money they made with AI, this is my response.

This Blog is about preserving and cultivating ATL Hip Hop Culture.

ATL Hip Hop has NOTHING to do with Money.

So those people are NOT talking to me.

Or the Culture.

It is our Creativity that powers the Hip Hop Universe.

You must understand, as an Indigenous Hip Hop Scholar, we are the Creative Solar Systems that "MAINTAIN" the Hip Hop Universe.

As Solar Systems, we keep the "LIGHT" in our SUNS glowing brightly.

Homework Questions

  • Is Technology important to our Future?

  • Is Technology important to Hip Hop's Future?

  • Is Technology worth discussing in the Hip Hop Universe?

  • Should we value Technology for its usage or its importance?

  • How should we use AI?

  • Are we using AI or is AI using us?

  • What happens when AI gets things wrong, who should we blame?

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