I could not find a suitable BS3, so I skipped it - Sorry!!!


The BS4 is a powerful tool for Story Design.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Remember, your journey as an artist is to find YOUR way.

Remember, it doesn't matter if it works, the only question that matters is does it work for YOU?

If something works for you, use it.

If not, then find something that does WORK.

The great thing about using the BS4 is that you end with a finished Draft.

Those huge blob of unsorted ideas and concepts, what the pros call a First Draft, is the beginning of your journey.

So remember this important point, the BS4 is for finishing your FIRST DRAFT, so let's get to it.

Step 1 - Storyline

I'm not going to bias your mind by saying this is the most important part of your Story Design.

You don't want to lock yourself in by using categories and prejudice to offset the importance of each step.

Each step is important and remember, they are all steps, not linear, just steps.

If you choose to walk up the steps, have a burst of inspiration, you can walk back down the steps and return to this step.

Sometimes, shuffling around the steps will bring you insight and a new way of viewing your Story.

Step 2 - Beat Sheet

Good, got that done.

Now, let's move on to the beat sheet.

A major, there I go, let's try this again.

This is a great tool for organizing your story and like the other steps, think of this step in relation to the others, not in isolation.

Never forget about shuffling around ideas, try it and see how it works for you.

Step 3 - Sequences and Scenes


Wow, you made it to the sequences.

You excited yet?

A great step for organization, these four sequences take your ideas and concepts and organize them into four parts.


From those four parts, you narrow down your ideas and concepts by creating scenes in those parts.

And before you know it, your story starts taking shape.

NOTE: You can add pressure to each sequence by adding a huge setback at the end of each one.

Step 4 - Draft


No more talking, no more thinking, no more playing around.

Take your butt, put it down somewhere, and get to writing.

Stop reading this, get to WRITING!


This is a slick and quick way to finish your first draft.

This Story Design Method is about getting ideas down, not editing or designing the story.


Don't disrespect yourself, this method is for writing only, not editing.

If you're looking to edit your script, consider using the BS7 or the BS9.

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