Can you rise above the Haters?

This blog details your need to rise above the Haterade in your life.


4/7/20243 min read


Who are the Haters?

They’re the ones sitting at home, plotting on how to steal your money, your time, and your attention.

As a writer, you spend a lot of time reading books, attending webinars, browsing websites, and signing up for newsletters.

No matter how much you study, does it seem like you’re not getting anywhere?

Do you feel lost and confused?

It’s ok, that’s why you’re here now.

Right now.

In the right place and time.

Let’s unravel the Haters.


The Story Universe is a big concept, but not beyond comprehension.

Like the rest of reality, the truth is reserved ONLY for the Seekers.

Isn’t it sad fact of reality that people COMPLAIN about what doesn’t work, but never even LOOKED?

We’re not going to do that today.

Today’s Lecture is concerned with the Haters you’ll meet on your Journey.

Learning Your Trade

As a writer and content creator, you are concerned with providing quality work, up to and including Global Myths.

And you ask, what is a Global Myth?

We have a few:

  • The Matrix

  • The Terminator

  • Hip Hop

  • Star Wars

  • Harry Potter

  • Twilight

  • Fast and the Furious (still pending the verdict on this one)

As Global Myths, these stories drive one of the basic components of our behavior - Culture.

Now that’s our aspiration on the Positive End.

On the negative end, our jobs are to pump out meaningless drivel for recurring income streams.

Now that you know both ends, I suggest you choose your career path very wisely.

Going back in Time

The Writing world has been awash in theories and strategies since its inception.

However, the Screenwriting world spent much of its early days looking for strategies, processes, and solutions.

Because Screenwriting is part of a bigger industry - Filmmaking - the Industry worked hard to find “fixes” for several pain points.

With the pressure, Screenwriting came to several conclusions and a book was released - Syd Field’s The Foundations of Screenwriting (published in 1979).

Through this book, writers were given a pathway (PROCESS) to finish our stories.

With a proven Process in place, Screenwriting became easier to teach than Creative Writing.

Even though there are varying ideas and sides, it is this single aspect of Screenwriting that made it profitable than - say - Novel Writing.

The Bandwagon

After Syd Field published his book, the concept of Script Doctors and Script Consultants became a popular fad.

Everywhere we looked, these Experts popped up everywhere and suddenly, there were people there to help us.

And it was an incredibly liberating time.

Until we discovered, all Consultants are NOT THE SAME.

Some of them were incredibly useful, but most of them were scam artists, using the industry’s DEMAND to fit their needs.

The Experts

Preying on content creators and writers, the so-called Experts stepped into our industry and lied their way to the top.

As a result, many writers chose their Expert based on Social Media, popularity, and Marketing Credentials.

If you’re wondering, why didn’t we do anything about it, you’re absolutely RIGHT.

The industry, filled with several books, gave us more and more options and if we questioned an Expert, they responded the same way, “This is the way I was taught.”

With no rules and regulations, we had no way of forcing them to answer truthfully.

Therefore, each Expert’s system JUSTIFIED how he/she viewed the world and approached Screenwriting.

Suddenly, we were coerced into accepting hypotheses, opinions, theories, and anything except a DEFINABLE APPROACH and/or Truth about Storytelling.

At least, not until now.

My Response

I am currently working on a Periodic Table of Story Elements (PTOSE) that will solve this issue, once and for all.

With the PTOSE, you’ll experience several benefits:

  • Develop your story from idea to finished draft

  • Analyze your story for plot holes

  • Follow a Process to finish your stories, each and every time

  • Stop Understanding and KNOW how a Story works

  • Know the relationship between Author, Industry, and Story

  • Know the relationship between Story Elements (of all kinds)

  • Know the relationship between the Moral Premise, Symbolism, and Metaphor

  • Know the power of the Moral Premise

  • Know the power of Story Elements


Sometime in 2024, I will be releasing the Periodic Table of Story Elements and it will allow Writers and Content Creators to finish your stories, analyze your stories, and publish your stories faster.

Instead of writing your story six and seven times, use this new process to organize, plan, structure, and write your stories with a Professional Polish.

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