Do you love TV or Movies?

This Blog asks one of the fundamental questions of Storytelling, do you love TV or do you love Movies?


Miquiel Banks

4/12/20242 min read

What’s better, TV or Movies?

Come on now, we’ve had this argument before, so it’s not time to be shy.

Really, we’re going back to that argument.

Can we bypass that for now, you know exactly why we stopped talking about that.

For real, stop playing.

What’s better, TV or Movies?

Does this sound like your conversation or like a bad soap opera?

It’s hard to distinguish between reality and art and that’s ok.

Remember, it was designed to be this way.

In ancient times, our Culture was given to us through ART and it withstood time, deluges, volcanic ash, earthquakes, and meteorites.

But there was one thing that Culture never withstood.


The highest level of Humans, what we mistakenly call Priests now, were given an incredible task.

How do you package TRUTH in an artform that people will accept as Entertainment, but follow as Regulation?

They decided Story was the best way to “imprint” TRUTH into Humanity and they created these wonderfully inspiring stories that drove Culture.

And then one day, a group of people arrived in Ancient KMT and asked the most horrific question of all time.

What if?

What if the Priests were not completely TRUE?

And ever since, Humanity is DEVOLVED into deeper Foolishness.

And you wonder, what does this have to do with TV and Movies?

I tell you, it has everything to do with our current form of Media.

I'm asking again

Let’s cut through the historical analysis and get to the juice.

Movies are about the Story.

TV is about the Relationships.

Remember, they are called Feature Films for a reason.

From a Financial Perspective, Movies require a lot of deep original thought to tap into a Culture’s Psyche. And if it fails, then we lose a lot of money.

However, if we try Television, we can do minimal sets and just focus on the interaction between the Characters. And if the writing isn’t good, we can hide our shortcomings by getting better actors. Finally, we get people interested in our Characters and what they care about, then we can “copy” what others have done and just keep doing the same thing over and over.

Remember, they are called TV Series for a reason.

So, let’s return to the question.

What’s better, TV or Movies?

If you say Movies, you love the Story.

If you say TV, you love the relationships.

But before I leave, I have to ask you.

Is it possible that you don’t love TV as an artform, but as a platform.

Make sense?

Let me rephrase the question.

Do you love the Art or do you love the ease with which you can stream it?

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