Ending Scene of the Da Vinci Code

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Miquiel Banks

5/22/20241 min read

blog image - ending scene of the da vinci code
blog image - ending scene of the da vinci code

MB Take on the Ending Scene of The Da Vinci Code

This scene's power comes from being the most intimate of all the MOVIE CLIMAXES, all the others are EXTERNAL and the last one is INTERNAL.

The FIRST climax is when Silas is killed, the Bishop is silenced, and the Cop realizes he's been tricked.

The SECOND climax happens when Sophie discovers her real identity and the audience is given two breadcrumbs - Sophie's grandfather died and the resting place of Mary is LOST FOREVER and she mocks Tom Hanks, "and maybe you are a Knight on a Grail Quest."

So when Tom Hanks follows the SIGN and on INSTINCT, discovers the true resting place of the Holy Grail, it is SUCH a POWERFUL CATHARTIC RELEASE for the audience, exploding in our souls and minds with such force....

And Tom Hanks realizes his OWN IDENTITY.....

He gets to know the answer to the question, WHO AM I.....and upon this realization, he kneels in HONOR of Mary, but also he Accepts that he is a KNIGHT sworn by duty and oath....

And the MUSIC......escalates this into such a POWERFUL ENDING....that very few films have ever achieved in HISTORY...

BRAVO to Ron Howard, his team, and everyone involved in creating one of the most special ENDINGS we've seen..........


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