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What does your tagline mean?

I’m tired of others taking advantage of Writers and Content Creators. I don’t deal with BELIEF and THEORY, I deal with GETTING THINGS DONE. Therefore, I summarize this in my taglines:

- Showing What Goes Unseen

- No Promises, Only Proof

I'm confused, what do you do Sir?

I’m a Culture, Content, and Publishing Professional that helps Writers and Content Creators finish their Stories.

What are Magical Movie Moments?

These are special moments in film that capture the essence of Storytelling and I use them to illustrated different Storytelling techniques.

What do you mean by Data Visualization?

Data Visualization is one of the later stages of Storytelling Exploration (SE). 

I'm confused, what are these stages of Storytelling Exploration (SE)? 

The first stage of SE deal with their composition and their aesthetics.

The second stage of SE deal with their complexities and their message.

The third stage of SE deals with defining Storytelling using a Quantum Approach.

The fourth stage of SE deals with using Data to explore Stories.

The fifth stage of SE deals with visualizing the Data we have on Stories.

The Sixth stage of SE deals with Ethics, Aesthetics, and Truth.

The Seventh stage of SE deals with using absolutes to create Mythologies that will drive Culture to achieve enlightenment.

What is the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction?

Fiction evokes emotions and Non-Fiction conveys information. This information was given to the Storytelling World by Sol Stein.

What's the difference between Writers and Content Creators?

The difference is due to Time and Social Progression. In the past, all Content Creators were considered Writers, but they were broken down by Industry (Poet, Novelist, Short Story Writer, Screenwriter, etc.). Now that we have entered the age of Video and Streaming Services, the term Writer felt antiquated and it has been updated to Content Creator.

How do you help me finish my Story?

First, I have dozens of blogs to help you get immediate support. If that’s not enough, you can email me ([email protected]) for a Story Consultation and I will give you the proper support to help you reach the Finish Line.

What makes you different than the other Consultants and Theorists?

My take on Writing is different because I asked a different question. The others sought to become Experts, but I began as a Seeker. I wanted to know, where is the DEFINITIVE Science behind Storytelling? With this goal, I spent over 40 years searching and I’m happy to say that, I’ve found it. This information will be released in my upcoming book, The Periodic Table of Story Elements.

What is a Story Alchemist?

A Story Alchemist is a Content Creator that has become an Expert in all branches of Storytelling, ranging from Investigative Journalism, Blogging, Technical Writing, Book/Script Editing, Book/Script/TV Series Writing, Poetry, Songwriting, Newspaper Editorials, Heroism Science Theory, Thematic Writing (the Moral Premise), and Resonant Communication (Content Marketing).

Where do I start?

I suggest you start with the end. Trust me, it’s easier to get things done when you know where you’re going.

You're an expert in the Hero's Journey, what does that mean?

I have intensely studied the Hero’s Journey for decades and put in more than 30,000 hours. After doing hundreds of breakdowns, ranging from Movies to Books to Songs to Websites, I have accumulated several nuggets of wisdom and I am now confident to consider myself an Expert. Also, to accommodate women, I have renamed it to the Heroic Journey so it won’t be SO PATRIARCHAL in its expression.

You're an expert in the Moral Premise, what does?

The Moral Premise is a concept made popular by Stanley Williams through his book, The Moral Premise. Although his book is focused on harnessing Virtue and Vice for the Box Office, I spent several years (virtually) under Stanley Williams’ mentorship and, after nearly a decade of constant study and research, I have graduated to being deemed as a Moral Premise Expert. Driven by higher ideals, I pushed the concept of the Moral Premise from Storytelling Device into a Esoteric Principle for Storytelling and Human Behavior. With over 15 years of Research and Development, I am now considered a GLOBAL EXPERT on the Moral Premise.

I heard about your amazing Movie Breakdowns, but I can't find them anywhere, can you help me?

I have published several of my Movie Breakdowns on LinkedIn, but I am working on another blog to deal exclusively with Movie Breakdowns. 

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