Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Part 1 – Overview and Theme
Part 2 – Story World
Part 3 – Character
Part 4 – Plot
Part 5 – Imagery
Part 6 – Values
Part 7 – Did you know, Stats, and References

04 WLM - WP - Story World
04 WLM – WP – Story World
Ruth – The Significant Event

Significant Event

  • Ruth almost kills Lila (as an infant) during an episode.


  • The emotional response is that she affects the weather and, allegedly, has stopped rain from existing.
  • The physical response is that Ruth is unable to visualize Lila’s face (as an infant).


  • The event happened in the distant past, but it drives Ruth’s behavior in the present day.
  • The event is peppered throughout the movie and presented as a Flashback.
  • Because the Event happens in the DISTANT PAST, this movie is about dealing with the results and the aftermath of the significant event. 

Story Events

  • The Matriarchal Family goes into Hiding (off-screen)
  • The Matriarchal Family keeps a journal to help future generations (off-screen)
  • Bo meets Ellis and has Ruth
  • Bo attempts to teach Ruth about her powers, but Ruth is rebellious
  • Ruth becomes a drug addict
  • Ruth has Lila and runs away
  • Ruth has episode at Viewpark Downtown Inn
  • Cafe Guy gives Ruth a ride and she shoots him in the hand and escapes
  • Cafe Guy and his partner chase Ruth
  • Ellis attempts to find Ruth first
  • Ruth returns home
  • Ruth has episode at home
  • Ruth meets Lila
  • Cafe Guy and his partner take evidence from police station
  • Ellis searches for Ruth
  • Ruth and Lila attempt to fix broken glass
  • Ruth practices on blue bowl
  • Bo and Lila go to store
  • Ellis meets Bo at high school bleachers
  • Ellis drives to Bo’s house
  • Ruth leaves in blue truck
  • Ruth stops her episode and sees the COLORS
  • Ruth goes to Ellis’ home
  • Ruth goes to police station and makes it rain
  • Bo and Ellis arrive at police station
  • Bo stops the police, saves Lila, and surrenders to the Cafe Guy and his team
  • Ruth and Lila leave
  • Bo’s letter reveals that Simona Lott is real and lives in Rome with the Others

Story Locations

  • The Family Home
  • Flashbacks (various time periods)
  • Major Flashback/Ghost (Ruth almost loses Lila during an episode)
  • Abandoned Building
  • Viewpark Downtown Inn (various locations)
  • Cafe
  • Jimo’s Gas Station (various locations)
  • Highway/Interstate
  • Abandoned Motel in Garrison
  • Garrison Motel (Cafe Guy’s room)
  • Garrison Police Station (various locations)
  • Garrison Store
  • Garrison High School Bleachers
  • Downtown Garrison
  • Sky (With and Without COLORS)
  • Ellis Home (various locations)
  • The Blue Truck

Story Worlds

  • World 1 – Ordinary World (Ruth is on the run and causes earthquakes)
  • World 2 – Magical World (Ruth returns home and connects with Lila)
  • World 3 – Transformative World (Ruth controls her powers and sees the COLORS)

Establishing Shots

  • Downtown Inn
  • Ruth Driving
  • Ruth’s Home
  • Ruth’s Home
  • Ruth’s Home (INT. Kitchen)
  • Ruth Driving
  • Ruth Driving
  • Ruth (outside the police station)


  • Bo’s Opening Monologue has several Establishing shots, but because the Opening Monologue is a Device to orient the audience, I chose NOT to count these as establishing shots.


This movie is a splice between two genres:

  • Superhero
  • Institutionalized


  • Superhero Genre – An extraordinary hero finds themselves in an ordinary world and must come to terms with being special or destined for greatness.
  • Institutionalized – A hero enters or is already entrenched inside a certain group, institution, establishment, or family and must make a choice to join, escape, or join it.

Story World Notes

  • This movie pushes the superhero genre by making all the other family members SHEROES (Bo, Lila), not just willing participants watching Ruth.
  • This movie pushes the superhero genre by “hinting” that women are extraordinary and have “extrasensory abilities,” but men have played defense on them way too long. It can be surmised that this movie is a triumphant “call to adventure” for black women to look within themselves and allow their “divine” natures to unfold in our current reality.
  • I am baffled that this movie was not popular among black culture since the hashtag #thefutureisfemale has become so popular.


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