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Did you miss the Hip Hop Panel in ATL?

Hip Hop Panel - Question 1

What do you see that defines Hip Hop uniquely in Atlanta in contrast to other cities?

Hip Hop Panel - Question 2

What do you see as the major shifts in the Culture from its arrival here, to where it stands now? Or do you see a gap between the Older and Newer generations in the Culture?

Hip Hop Panel - Question 3

Do you believe the Future Generation will keep the Elements alive and maintain Hip Hop Culture, especially in Breaking/Dancing Culture? Or is the New Generation Lost?

Hip Hop Panel - Question 4

Working with the youth in the community, how do you teach them about the culture, especially in dance? (For those who work with the youth) can this prevent a gap between generations (if you think there is one)?

Hip Hop Panel - Question 5

Where do you see the direction of Hip Hop Culture in Atlanta in the Future? Or in General?


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5


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