How do we defeat evil with Hip Hop?

This blog details the steps we should take in Hip Hop to protect ourselves from Energy Vampires, Leeches, and Haters.


Miquiel Banks

6/5/20244 min read

blog cover image - how do we defeat evil with hip hop
blog cover image - how do we defeat evil with hip hop


I need answers.

Real Answers.

People keep asking me, but I don’t have the answer.

Now, I’m asking myself.

How do we defeat evil in Hip Hop?

Or should I ask, how do we defeat evil WITH Hip Hop?

Here’s the problem.

I don’t trust myself, my community, my religion, or my country.

So, let me tell you a story.

The Journey for Truth

So, I use my vacation and travel to Egypt.

To the pyramids.

I ask the travel guide, who knows the answer to every question?

He smiles, for me it is always Allah, the most benificient, the most merciful. But for you, confused American, I recommend you ask the ancient Master, his name is Jehuti.

Where can I find this Jehuti?

I will take you to him.

As we ride, the pyramids grow in size from the distant horizon and like towering hulking giants, they stand grand in the sun’s heated backdrop.

We are here, I shall wait, Jehuti is inside.

As he points, I notice the sunrays reflecting off a metallic surface and landing in a small entrance near the right corner of the pyramid.

Look Abdul, what does it mean?

The guide lit up, Jehuti speaks to you! Go, go, hurry before he changes his mind.

I walk briskly to the entrance and look inside, then step into. . .


Meeting Jehuti

Then I continue walking and my eyes adjust.

All around me are hieroglyphics, but one seems so familiar to me.

I walk closer and peer at it.

A man with the head of a bird, that’s strange.

As I rub it, a strange sensation shoots through my body.

Welcome young light.

I turn and laugh, Abdul, changing your voice is not going to freak me out.


No one.

Welcome young light.

I swallow deeply and respond, Hello.

Do not be afraid young light, I am Jehuti, the thrice great, he for whom the Mysteries came into existence. I shall address the entity known as Miquiel in this lifetime. You come for answers, ask your question.

Why is there evil?

You are mistaken about this strange term, evil. Duality is not a condition of the world, only a condition of worldview.

Is my thinking really that bad?

By giving Evil a natural birth of its own, you bring into existence a foundation for a world of dogma where the underworld rules the heavens and mirrors are more real than the tree of life.

And like most Americans, I scream, SHOW ME!

Ye believe in an illusion of smoking mirrors, of Shadow as Existence. Before we address your incorrect flaw, we must address definition. Miquiel, what is this term you deem evil?

That’s easy, it is the opposite of evil, but I’m here to find out WHY we have evil, no biggie.

Ye shall be given one drop from the heated pools of Zigrauset, the first mystery known to the initiates as the Key of Auset. Here is thine understanding of evil.

And literally, the writing appeared ON THE WALL.

The Writing on the Wall

When ye define this term, evil, as having its own existence, you give shadow form. With form, shadows live. Just as Golems and zombies live soulless, so too does evil.

But evil is part of nature of man, right? I’m confused, Satan began evil when he chose not to bow down, so why did God allow evil to even come into existence?

Look closer young light.

I see it, evil is red so that symbolizes blood or something like that?

Evil is detached young light. Just as a baby is cut off from his mother at birth, so too has this term, evil, grown into adult form in your world.

But evil is against good, it’s the way it’s always been.

Untrue young light. In my time, when my brethren, the Watchers, walked in Kemet, this term did not exist. This is how we view this term.

Return from the Magical World

Looking at it, at evil inside good, was troubling.

But I couldn’t stop thinking, what kind of technology is he using to put this on the wall?

Evil is not an opposing force, what force dares oppose all that is, that was, and that shall ever be? This term, evil, is a lower vibration. Within the vibrations are two pillars. In the two are three and the two witnesses, chaos and order, sit below Ma’at.

This must be a joke, right? Vibrations, two pillars, order, and that other word. Ma-what?

Did you find him American?

As I turn, Abdul stands there, looking troubled.

I called out to you and you didn’t answer and after the second sign, I decided to come fetch you for your return.

After we returned, I eyed Abdul.

Abdul, what are the two witnesses?

The first two lights that came into reality after God spoke, let there be light. One is called Order and one is called Mystos.

What does that have to do with two being inside three?

Not sure my friend, but while you were inside, a man came by with his family and his daughter drew an image for me and said that it was for you.

What do you mean for me?

The daughter said Mother Hip Hop came to her and instructed her.

He pulled out a drawing and gave it to me.

I have to go now, may Allah smile upon you, curious American.

As he left, I opened the crumbled paper and looked at the image.

The Illusion of Choice

And I paused, it comes down to choice.

Duality is the room, it is CHOICE that is the illusion.

There’s no such thing as duality here.

There is TRUTH and everything else is a Perversion.

Let me repeat that.

There is one way and it is TRUTH.

Everything else is a Perversion.

So in Hip Hop, we have one TRUTH.

Listen to Mother Hip Hop and she will lead you to TRUTH.

Everything else is a Perversion.


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