My Origin Story as an Indigo Child

This Blog details my rough childhood as an Indigo Child and dealing with the Foolishness of the World and the Spiritual Mindset I was given by my Grandmother, Alice Mae Taylor.


Miquiel Banks

4/15/20244 min read

An image of a young black boy, representing my childhood
An image of a young black boy, representing my childhood

My Grandmother Alice

As a child, I had incredible talents and my grandmother accepted me for who I was.

She didn’t judge.

She didn’t label.

She didn’t antagonize me.

She accepted me.

When we visited any Store, she would hold my hand and walk me to the register and lean down and smile into my eyes, Now Laron, I want you to add up the numbers on the register and tell me, okay?”

I held her hand and as the cashier typed in the numbers, my Aquarian brain went to work and counted along.

At the end, my grandmother leaned and I whispered the number to her.

If the number didn’t match the register, she asked them about the tax and then asked me to add it again.

If it didn’t match, she asked for a manager and the cashier rung up the order again.

And always. . . always . . .

My number was right!

And after she got the groceries, we got on the MARTA Rail and rode across the vast city of Atlanta.

I would stand up and look out those glass windows at the BIG CITY out there.

She smiled and said, “Don’t ever stop or give up, you hear me? It is your job to take your gift as far as you can.”

And her wheat-enriched eyes pointed to the other side and she watched me race, grab the handrail, and scan the sun as it descended behind the buildings.

“Alice, what’s that gold building?”

“That’s the capitol.”

And the metallic sound of the wheels screeched as the buildings whizzed by.

After that, we got off the rail, got on the bus, and went home.

  • Does that make me an Indigo?

  • A Rainbow Child?

  • A Crystal Child?

No, that makes me HUMAN and this blog is about BEING NORMAL.

The Movie Fatima

During the Pandemic, I saw a very powerful movie (Fatima).

It was interesting watching the 3 kids walking in their faith and the entire world playing DEFENSE on them.

From their parents to the Priests to the Vatican, the entire world resisted these kids, why?

Why were they such a threat to the world?

All they did was go out and listen and return with their stories.

So it’s ok to tell folk tales, rustic tales, and speak about Imaginary Friends?

It’s obvious there is only one conclusion.

The truth is a problem for many people.

But why?

Why does THE WORLD play defense?

ASCAC and John Henrik Clarke

ASCAC celebrated the great legacy of John Henrik Clarke this weekend and, as a legendary figure in African/Black History, I am moved by his statement.

You have no friends and there is NO EXCEPTION.

Therefore, my celebration is to continue his legacy and do something incredibly controversial.

I’m going to TELL THE TRUTH!

I’m not impressed by these cheap knock-off shows that are airing on the Streaming Services.

And why should I?

All the things they are promoting as SUPERHUMAN and IMPOSSIBLE. . .

All of them are lying!

Company of Prophets

The Author, Joyce Elaine Noll, wrote an incredible book about “US” back in the early 90s and you need this book in your life.

In it, she details and categorizes a broad range of psychic and spiritual experiences in the context of the African American community.

There’s no need for you to hide yourself from the authorities anymore.

You’re free to come out and SHINE with your Light!

As a mentally competent 50-year old Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Child, I can tell you that all of the following is part of my Normal Experience:

  • Hearing God’s Voices

  • Hearing Angelic Voices

  • Seeing Visions of places that I’ve never physically been

  • Seeing the Future

  • Deceased Family Members visiting you (weeks, months, and years) after they have transitioned

  • Seeing Auras and People’s Colors

  • Viewing the Luminous Egg (Native American Shamanism)

  • Walking in Two Worlds (This Reality and The Magical World)

  • Being Led by Angels through the Desert (Valley of the Shadow of Death)

So what does that make me?

  • Blessed?

  • An Indigo?

  • A Rainbow?

  • A Crystal?

Am I one of those, none of those, or all of these?

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The Fatima Movie Poster
The Fatima Movie Poster
An image of John Henrik Clarke
An image of John Henrik Clarke
Book Cover - Company of Prophets
Book Cover - Company of Prophets
Email Message - ASCAC Invitation in 2020
Email Message - ASCAC Invitation in 2020