My struggle with building Websites

This Blog details my frustrations with building websites and fighting to start a successful online Business.


Miquiel Banks

4/15/20247 min read

cover image of my blog about struggling with building websites
cover image of my blog about struggling with building websites


Why am I blessed?

I was here BEFORE the internet, and I have a sacred gift. It’s called CONTRAST! That’s right, I can look at WHAT WAS and WHAT IS and provide feedback. Not just feedback, but proper feedback.

In the beginning, the internet was email, plain text websites, and bulletin boards. The bulletin boards held those divine secrets that people kept in their closets, their pantries, their attics, and their storage spots.

I browsed the boards every day, printing out hundreds of sheets every night in the Georgia State University Computer Lab. Back then, they didn’t charge for printing.

Can you believe it?

After the web developed a little more, I got a crazy notion.

Should I build a website?

I built my first websites using MS FrontPage, and they worked. Back then, no one cared how they looked. They cared about the INFORMATION on the site. And back then, information was TEXT and IMAGES. Suddenly, Microsoft discontinued MS FrontPage in 2003 and I checked out MS Expression Web.

My time with MS Expression Web was quick. I gave it a few tries and sighed, this is not the answer.

I left the Microsoft Family for Google and tried out Blogger. Since Blogging was a new thing, I jumped on the bandwagon, and it did not impress me. Blogging seemed cool, but Blogger was NOT cool.

They designed it like the Microsoft Family, functional, but more complex than necessary for doing "specialized" tasks. I tried it several times and thought to myself, there’s got to be a better way.

After that, my friend introduced me to DotNetNuke. I was floored - Oh My Goodness - this thing is SUPER COOL! I designed several websites, and they worked, but I made the mistake of going down the rabbit hole.

What is a Content Management System?

I went below the hood and suddenly, I was hit with DNN Standard, 2sxc, OpenContent, and LiquidContent. Then a new word came into existence - GitHub.

Of course, I was done with this foolishness.

A new word came into the mainstream.


My time spent with blogging did not work out and so, I was captivated by this new word. It sounded COOL and functional. I did some research and logged into my new Tumblr account.

It SOUNDED incredible, instead of those long boring blogs, I could sneak into my account, write a few snippets of text, add an image, and get OUT OF THERE!

I developed several microblogs and guess what, I still felt EMPTY.

While on a job, I was met with using SharePoint to build an INTRANET site and it was interesting. Totally functional and it had a calendar. Are you kidding me, a calendar is SUPER COOL!

After a few weeks, it strained my ability to work efficiently because people STILL emailed their changes. And if you use email, you know that email chains go back for weeks and if you’re not ready, it can go 30 to 40 emails back.

So, my site development turned into email retrieval and after spending hours on this task, I was done.

I’m sorry, but Microblogging is not for me.

My time with Behance was quick. It was not the answer.


Awww, a breath of fresh air.

This is how I felt when I first tried Wix to build my website.

All the tools were available and, in a few days, my site was ready for the world (pun intended).

After showing my site off along with my smile, I started doing research into site development and a new word entered my worldview.

Online Business.

And I read all the books and they said the same thing.

To succeed with an online business, you need a blog.

So, I logged into Wix and I couldn’t find it.

I was sure I was mistaken, so I emailed tech support.

A few days later, I received a response with the answer.

We DO NOT support Blogs (at this time).

I sighed and went online looking for a solution to my problem.

How do I build a website and a blog?

Two new words entered my worldview.

Wordpress and Open Source


Open Source.

And it tacked a familiar phrase at the end.

Content Management System.

Even though Wordpress was new to me, it had infected the entire world.

Everywhere I looked, everyone was using Wordpress to build websites and blogs.

I yelled, this is the answer!

Then, I got confused.

There was WordPress and there was WordPress.Org.

Are you serious?

I did more research and found Wordpress had to be installed automatically, so I chose BlueHost.

After installation, I logged into the back office and began work on my new blog.

Then, I was told to install a theme.

Theme, what are they talking about?

After that, I had to tinker and tinker and after several days, the blog was working.

I was a professional website builder!

Then, a few weeks later, my site slowed down and had crazy comments and I was pissed.

What’s wrong?

Then, someone told me, Bruh, did you update your plugins?

I looked and suddenly, Wordpress went from Bluehost to SiteGround to iPage.

Then, it went to more and more plugins and more and more updates.

Every day, it seemed I had to update the plugins.

This is too much!


After watching Russell Brunson go deep into Expert and Traffic Secrets, I went through his funnels with my money available.

Just like clockwork, I went through tripwire and webinar funnels and found myself at the end.

I purchased ClickFunnels for a year and it was wonderful.

As I finished my site, I smiled again. I’m a Professional website builder!

Then, I researched deeper and realized another issue.

How do I build a blog?

I went and looked and - Oh My Goodness, ClickFunnels CANNOT build a blog.

So, I looked elsewhere for help.


I watched the commercial for Kartra and I was floored.

For the first time, someone promised me a one stop shop.

Everything was in one place!

As Andy Jenkins delivered his speech, I knew I needed this in my life.

I joined Kartra for one dollar and I was hooked.

During the trial, I designed a sexy website and then the bill came in.

The cheapest way to pay was for a full year and OMG, was it expensive!


After the different tools became confusing, it was time to try something else.

A new word entered my worldview.


I logged into the app and it impressed me.

After designing my site and blog I smiled.

I’m a professional website builder!

Then, I had one issue.

And another.

And another.

And in a few weeks, I had several tickets that did not get resolved.

Are you serious?

And again, I went looking elsewhere for answers.

After spending all this money on building websites, offered a quality service (site, funnel, blog, email newsletter, etc.) for a small price.

I logged in, build my site and my blog, and fired off a few emails to my email list.

Check out my new site!

As people responded, I smiled.

You’re a professional website builder!

I sighed and leaned back.

Finally, my dream is here!

Then, one day, I got an automated email.

Your account is over the limit and if you don’t fix this, your site will be deleted in 3 days!

I emailed them for a response, no one responded.

I had to start over again.


I had one goal in mind.

I’m going to build websites for FREE from now on.

Investing upfront had cost me thousands of dollars.

I heard about Mike Filsaime and his new project.

I heard Kartra was his idea and that Andy Jenkins broke off, so I remembered him.

I looked him up and I’ll never forget the pitch.

We’ll never ask for your credit card.

I was SOLD!

I logged in and build my first site and it worked like a charm.

I built my second site and it worked.

Then, I worked on my blog and it was working.

Had I found the fountain of truth?

Things went well for a few weeks and then, they updated the software.

I went to my site and clicked BLOG and guess what?

It didn’t work!

I emailed support several times and often they ignored me and then one day, they responded.

They were aware of the problem and DID NOT have fix.

Are you kidding me?

I threw a FIT and went back to the web.

Where is my solution?

After a few days of looking, new names appeared in my search.

I tried one and after another, and the pattern became clear.

Some people do websites.

Some people do funnels.

Some people do blogs.

However, finding one that did all three was not only difficult, but it also cost me hours and hours of going through benefits and empty promises:

We’re the best

We blow the competition away

We left them in the dust

It sounded REAL GOOD.

Until I Looked.

And when I looked, I was amazed.

They were LYING!


When it seemed my search was over, I went on Youtube and found an interesting Video.

This guy claimed I could build a simple website and blog for a few dollars a month.

I watched the video and guess what, he sounded AUTHENTIC.

I clicked on his affiliate link and went to Hostinger and BOOM - it worked!

They offered a way to build sites AND to build blogs.

I logged in and designed my site and blog in two hours.


I found my solution!


After decades of struggling, I have finally found a website builder that can build sites and blogs.

It also offers the following:

  • No Technical Difficulties

  • No Lying about Features, Benefits, and saving Reality

  • No Disney World Benefits

  • No Miracle Cures

I began with MS Frontpage in 2002 and I have wasted 22 years of my life.

Use my experience and take the shortcut.

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