Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Part 1 – Overview and Theme

Part 2 – Story World

Part 3 – Character

Part 4 – Plot

Part 5 – Imagery

Part 6 – Values

Part 7 – Did You know, Stats, References

04 WLM - WP - Story World
04 WLM – WP – Story World

Significant Event

Because the Significant Event happens in the distant past, the film deals with the results and aftermath of that event (a post-apocalyptic world).

Story Events

  1. Nausicaa saves Lord Yupa from the ohm and leads it back to the Jungle
  2. Lord Yupa returns to the Valley of the Wind
  3. The Tolmekian ship (with the Giant Warrior) crashes in the Valley of the wind
  4. Kushana and her warriors arrive in the Valley of the Wind
  5. Kushana and her Tolmekian airships are attacked by Asbel
  6. Nausicaa, Kushana, Mito, and others land in the Jungle
  7. Nausicaa and Asbel discover the Cave
  8. Mito returns with Kushana and they meet at Acid Lake
  9. The Villagers attempt to destroy the Spores and Kushana escapes
  10. Nausicaa and Asbel are captured in Pejite
  11. The Villagers steal a tank and take refuge at Acid Lake to prepare for war with the Tolmekians
  12. Tolmekian airship attacks the Pejite ship and Nausicaa escapes
  13. Mito shoots down the Tolmekian airship and drops off Lord Yupa on the Pejite airship
  14. Mito and Nausicaa race back to the Valley in the gunship
  15. Mito drops off Nausicaa to save the ohm
  16. Kushaha releases her prisoners and starts war with the Villagers
  17. Mito returns and warns both sides that a herd of Ohms are coming
  18.  Nausicaa saves the Ohm
  19. Kushana revives the Giant Warrior to defeat the Ohm
  20. Nausicaa is dropped off in front of the Ohm herd
  21. Nausicaa sacrifices her life for the Village
  22.  The Ohms resurrect Nausicaa and the wind returns to the Valley
  23. The Villagers, Asbel, and Nausicaa celebrate

Story Locations

  1. The Airspace/Clouds
  2. The Toxic Jungle
  3. The Valley of the Wind
  4. The Cave beneath the Toxic Jungle
  5. The Pejite City

Story Worlds

  • World 1 – The Valley of the Wind (Ordinary World)
  • World 2 – Captured by the Tolmekians (Magical World)
  • World 3 – Saving the World from the Ohms (Transfigured World)

Establishing Shots

28 – Total

Genre (Blake Snyder)

  1. Whydunit – A mystery must be solved by a heroine during which something shocking is revealed about the dark side of human nature.
  2. Institutionalized – A heroine enters or is already entrenched inside a certain group, institution, establishment, or family and must make a choice to join, escape, or destroy it.
  3. Superhero – A extraordinary heroine finds herself in an ordinary world and must come to terms with being special or destined for greatness.
  4. Monster in the House – A heroine (or group of heroines) must overcome some kind of monster (supernatural or not), in some kind of enclosed setting (or limited circumstances), and someone is usually responsible for bringing the monster into being.


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