Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Part 1 – Overview and Theme

Part 2 – Story World

Part 3 – Character

Part 4 – Plot

Part 5 – Imagery

Part 6 – Values

Part 7 – Did you know, Stats, and References

04 WLM - WP - Story World
04 WLM – WP – Story World

Significant Event

The Event

  • The Significant Event is the Destruction of the World as the Forest Spirit seeks to reunite with its head.
  • When the Event is placed near the end, the movie elaborates the BUILDUP to the Event.
  • Because the Significant event is placed in this location, it showcases the “destructive” tendencies of humans (Egotistical Idealism) against maintaining the balance of life set by Nature (Ecosystem).
  • It is shown that when we DO NOT FOLLOW the rules of the Ecosystem, we become a CANCER CELL that infects everything else. When Gods make bad choices, they become DEMONS and they are able to “infect” other Entities. Whether a human can become a demon on his/her own is not “covered” in the film, but it can be inferred that “Demonism” is the result of a bad choice and not particular to a Clan.

Story Events

  1. Ashitaka saves his village, kills Nago, and leaves Village
  2. Ashitaka meets Jigo
  3. Moro and her clan attack Lady Eboshi
  4. Ashitaka saves men from Irontown
  5. Ashitaka sees Moro and her clan
  6. Ashitaka visits Irontown
  7. Ashitaka saves San and leaves Village
  8. San takes Ashitaka to be healed by the Great Forest Spirit
  9. Jigo and his team watch the Great Forest Spirit change form
  10. The Great Forest Spirit heals Ashitaka’s bullet wound, but not his demon wound
  11. Ashitaka explains what happened to Nago to Okkoto
  12. Lady Eboshi battle against Lord Asano
  13. Ashitaka leaves the Forest and notices Irontown’s women are being attacked
  14. Ashitaka leaves to tell Lady Eboshi and Yakul is injured
  15. Ashitaka and Wolf go look for San
  16. Okkoto turns into a Demon and infects San
  17. Ashitaka warns Lady Eboshi and Jigo
  18. CLIMAX – Moro fights to save San, Ashitaka fights to save San, The Great Forest Spirit takes the lives of Moro and Okkoto, Lady Eboshi shoots off the head of the Great Forest Spirit, The Great Forest Spirit looks for its head, San and Ashitaka give the head back and stops the Nightwalker from annihilating EVERYTHING 

Story Locations

  1. Emishi Village
  2. Rural Villages
  3. The Forest
  4. Irontown
  5. Land surrounding Irontown and the Forest
  6. River surrounding Irontown and the Forest

Story Worlds

  • World 1 – Emishi Village (Ordinary World)
  • World 2 – The Forest and Irontown (Before the War)
  • World 3 – The Forest and Irontown (After the War)

Establishing Shots

  1. The Forest
  2. Emishi Village
  3. Rural Village
  4. Lady Eboshi’s Garden
  5. Irontown


It is astonishing to realize that Princess Mononoke is a combination of not 2 or 3, but 5 genres.


  • A hero enters or is already entrenched inside a certain group, institution, establishment, or family and must make a choice to join, escape, or destroy it.
  • Ashitaka enters two worlds (Forest and Irontown) and is asked to join both and he chooses to help the Forest and bring back balance to the Ecosystem.
  • San is adopted by the Forest (Moro) and defends it with her own life as if she is a Wolf herself.
  • Lady Eboshi brings lepers and the women to Irontown and helps build a safe city for them, but at the expense of destroying the Forest.


  • An extraordinary hero finds themselves in an ordinary world and must come to terms with being special or destined for greatness.
  • Ashitaka is an “Anti-Hero” because he is given supernatural powers (from being a demon), but his cause is actually so heroic, it borders on the threshold of being a Spirit (instead of human).
  • San is neither human nor wolf, and this makes her something else (supernatural).
  • Lady Eboshi takes lepers and women from a brothel and builds a strong city (Irontown) that causes others to envy and even march to take her belongings (iron).

Out of the Bottle 

  • An ordinary hero is temporarily “touched by magic,” usually involving a wish or a curse bestowed, and the hero learns an important lesson about appreciating and making the most of reality.
  • Ashitaka, by saving the Emishi Village, is “cursed as a demon” and forced to leave and find salvation elsewhere.
  • San is raised by a God (Moro) and she fully appreciates the balance required by the Ecosystem.

Golden Fleece

  • A hero (or group) goes on a “road trip” of some type, in search of one thing and winds up discovering something else – themselves.
  • Ashitaka is forced to leave the Emishi Village and find the Great Forest Spirit.

Monster in the House

  • A hero (or group of heroes) must overcome some kind of monster (supernatural or not), in some kind of enclosed setting (or limited circumstances), and someone is usually responsible for bringing the monster into being.
  • Lady Eboshi’s greed for growth and the need for Iron causes her to “infect” Nago and inadvertently destroy his tribe and cause him to become a Demon. It is this choice, with Jigo’s help, that also causes Okkoto to become a “demon.”
  • Lady Eboshi’s need to protect her city causes her to kill the “Great Forest Spirit” and destroy the balance of the Ecosystem in hopes of giving the Emperor what he wants.


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