Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Part 1 – Overview and Theme

Part 2 – Story World

Part 3 – Character

Part 4 – Plot

Part 5 – Imagery

Part 6 – Values

Part 7 – Did You Know, Stats, and References

04 WLM - WP - Story World
04 WLM – WP – Story World

The Significant Event

The Event

  • The significant event is at the beginning of the movie, which then is about dealing with the results and aftermath of that event.
  • The significant event is being transported to the Spirit World (via the Theme Park).

Story Events

  • Chihiro goes through the tunnel to the Theme Park.
  • Chihiro is transported to the Spirit World.
  • Chihiro chooses to fight to save her parents.
  • Chihiro gets a job at the bathhouse.
  • Haku takes Sen to see her parents.
  • Sen lets No Face into the bathhouse.
  • Sen cleans Stink Spirit and gets medicine from the River Spirit.
  • No Face offers gold to the Bathhouse Staff.
  • Sen saves Haku from Zeniba. (gains new friends)
  • Sen gives Haku medicine from the River Spirit.
  • Sen tricks No face into leaving the bathhouse. (gains another friend)
  • Sen and her friends visit Zeniba.
  • Sen returns Zeniba’s gold seal.
  • No Face remains with Zeniba.
  • Sen and friends ride back to bathhouse on Haku.
  • Sen helps Haku remember his name.
  • Sen accepts Yubaba’s final test.
  • Sen passes Yubaba’s final test.
  • Sen returns to the Human World with her parents.

Story Locations

  • Car (Interior)
  • Tunnel (Interior)
  • Theme Park (Exterior)
  • Market Place in Theme Park (Exterior)
  • Bridge to Bathhouse (Exterior)
  • Pig Pen (Exterior)
  • Bathhouse Courtyard (Exterior)
  • Big Tub in Bathhouse (Interior)
  • Boiler Room (Interior)
  • Yubaba’s Quarters (Interior)
  • Sleeping Quarters (Interior)
  • Balcony outside sleeping quarters (Exterior)
  • Magical River (Exterior)
  • Working Area (Interior)
  • Train Tracks (Exterior)
  • Train Station (Exterior)
  • Train (Interior)
  • Swamp Bottom (Exterior)
  • Zeniba’s home (Interior)

Story Worlds

  • World 1 – Ordinary World – The Human World (armed with Child Consciousness)
  • World 2 – Magical World – The Spirit World
  • World 3 – Transformative World – The Human World (armed with Teen Consciousness)

Establishing Shots

  • Exterior of Chihiro’s school (00:42)
  • Exterior of Chihiro’s home (02:05)
  • Exterior of Bathhouse (17:02)
  • Boiler Room (23:07)
  • Exterior of Bathhouse/Factory Side (41:09)
  • POV of train as it passes the bathhouse (42:26)
  • Distant view of bathhouse during early morning (44:04)
  • Town outside bathhouse (44:11)
  • Sleeping quarters (44:16)
  • Hallway in front of sleeping quarters (45:17)
  • Clouds and Rain (51:35)
  • Town awakens for Spirits (51:51)
  • The bathhouse (51:56)
  • Workers moving through the bathhouse (52:08)
  • Lin and others clean the floor (52:19)
  • Bathhouse interior (53:30)
  • The Big Tub (53:44)
  • Town (as seen from Yubaba’s window) (54:52)
  • Bathhouse exterior (1:06:34)
  • Moon shines bright in night sky (1:07:15)
  • Train moves through the River (1:07:20)
  • Bathhouse interior (1:08:11)
  • Outside Pig Pen (1:09:41)
  • River at bottom of bathhouse (1:12:18)
  • Train tracks beneath river (1:12:23)
  • Exterior of Zeniba’s home (1:50:27)
  • Side view of bathhouse (1:55:12)
  • Grass between theme park and tunnel (1:58:53)


  • The establishing shots are often wide angle shots (at first) that begin footage from a wide angle to a smaller angle. They are subjective and may not be seen as establishing shots by another person, but I choose to delineate these images as establishing shots.


Rites of Passage

  • A hero must endure the pain and torment brought about my life’s common challenges (death, separation, loss, divorce, addiction, coming of age, and so on).


  • A hero enters or is already entrenched inside a certain group, institution, establishment, or family and must make a choice to join, escape, or destroy it.

Dude with a problem

  • An innocent, ordinary heroine suddenly finds herself in the midst of extraordinary circumstances and must rise to the challenge.

Fool Triumphant

  • An underestimated, underdog hero is pitted against some kind of “establishment” and proves a hidden worth to society.

Buddy Love

  • A heroine is transformed by meeting someone else, including, but not limited to, love stories, friendship stories, and pet stories.

Out of the Bottle

  • An ordinary hero is temporariliy “touched by magic,” usually involving a wish fulfilled or a curse bestowed, and the hero learns an important lesson about appreciating and making the most of “reality.”


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