Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Part 1 – Overview and Theme
Part 2 – Story World
Part 3 – Character
Part 4 – Plot
Part 5 – Imagery
Part 6 – Values
Part 7 – Did you know, Stats, and References

04 WLM - WP - Story World
04 WLM – WP – Story World
The Kissing Booth

Significant Event

The Kissing Booth

  • This event happens in the MIDDLE of the movie, so the movie is ESSENTIALLY about 3 things (building up to the event, the event itself, the event’s aftermath) and how they affect Elle Evans.

Story Events

  1. Elle’s Backstory
  2. Unraveling of the Rules throughout the Movie
  3. Elle and Lee Dancing
  4. Elle rips pants
  5. Noah beats up Tuppen
  6. Elle has detention with Tuppen and Noah
  7. Elle is stood up by Tuppen
  8. Dance Club proposes The Kissing Booth
  9. Elle lying to the OMG Girls
  10. Family Tradition (Lunch with the Flynns)
  11. Soccer Practice
  12. Noah’s Party
  13. Lunch with the OMG Girls
  14. Elle does striptease in the Boys’ Locker Room
  15. The Kissing Booth
  16. Lee kisses Rachel
  17. Noah kisses Elle
  18. Rachel lying to Lee
  19. Hanging out at Venice Beach
  20. Elle sleeps with Noah at his secret spot
  21. Elle hides under Noah’s bed to avoid Mrs. Flynn
  22. Elle creates smoke bomb in science class
  23. Elle falls while getting a wrench
  24. Lee catches Elle kissing Noah
  25. Mrs. Flynn visits Elle about Lee
  26. Lee throws away ice cream he got from Elle (Rule #2)
  27. Noah apologizes to Elle’s father
  28. The Prom
  29. Noah announces his love to Elle, she runs away
  30. The Birthday Party
  31. Elle stands up to Lee about her feelings for Noah
  32. Elle goes to airport with Noah
  33. Elle reflects on her life and how she’s grown because of the Kissing Booth

Story Locations

  1. Los Angeles Hospital
  2. Dancing Game
  3. Elle’s Home (Various Locations)
  4. Lee’s Home (Various Locations)
  5. Mom’s Grave
  6. Lee’s car
  7. Noah’s motorcycle
  8. School (Various Locations)
  9. Fundraiser (The Kissing Booth)
  10. Noah’s hook-up spot
  11. Noah’s getaway spot
  12. Venice Beach
  13. The Prom (Various Locations)

Story Worlds

  • World 1 – Elle’s innocence before Kissing Noah (all friendship, no love)
  • World 2 – Experiencing passionate love with Noah (all love, no friendship)
  • World 3 – Balancing Love and Friendship

Establishing Shots

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