Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Part 1 – Overview and Theme

Part 2 – Story World

Part 3 – Character

Part 4 – Plot

Part 5 – Imagery

Part 6 – Values

Part 7 – Did you know, Stats, and References

04 WLM - WP - Story World
04 WLM – WP – Story World

Significant Event (War between Humans and Machines)

  • The Significant Event happens before the beginning of the movie, which is about dealing with the results and aftermath of that event.

Story Events

  1. Trinity takes out the Cops and escapes the Agents
  2. Trinity warns Neo
  3. Agents take Neo into custody
  4. Neo is interrogated by the Agents
  5. Neo agrees to meet Morpheus
  6. Trinity removes bug from Neo
  7. Neo meets Morpheus and takes the red pill
  8. Neo enters the Real World
  9. Neo meets Morpheus’ Crew
  10. Morpheus shows Neo the Truth
  11. Neo’s Training
  12. Neo fights Morpheus
  13. The Jump Program
  14. The Woman in Red
  15. Team has breakfast
  16. Neo goes to see the Oracle
  17. Cypher’s Betrayal
  18. Neo and Trinity save Morpheus
  19. Trinity and Morpheus leave The Matrix
  20. Neo fights Agent Smith and survives
  21. Neo rushes to leave and is shot by Agent Smith
  22. Trinity confesses her love and resurrects Neo
  23. Neo defeats Agent Smith and leaves The Matrix
  24. Morpheus pushes EMP and destroys Sentinel
  25. Neo calls the Agents on the phone and flies away

Story Locations

  1. Inside The Matrix – Hotel (Heart O The City, various locations)
  2. Inside The Matrix – City Streets (various locations)
  3. Inside The Matrix – Neo’s Apartment
  4. Inside The Matrix – Club
  5. Inside The Matrix – Neo’s Job (various locations)
  6. Inside The Matrix – Agent Interrogation Room
  7. Inside The Matrix – The Resistance’s Car
  8. Outside The Matrix – Machine Field (Human Pods)
  9. Outside The Matrix – Nebuchadnezzar Ship (various locations)
  10. The Program – Training
  11. The Program – The Jump Program
  12. Inside The Matrix – Restaurant (Cypher meets Agent Smith)
  13. Inside The Matrix – The Oracle’s Building (various locations)
  14. Inside The Matrix – Building where Morpheus is being held (various locations)
  15. Inside The Matrix – Phone Booth (Neo’s monologue at end of movie)

Story Worlds

  • World 1 – Inside The Matrix (Ordinary World/Dream World)
  • World 2 – Outside The Matrix (Transformative World/The Real World)
  • World 3 – Saving Humanity inside The Matrix (Transfigured World)

Establishing Shots

  • 02:05 Establishing Shot – Heart O’ The City Hotel
  • 06:42 Establishing Shot (Neo’s computer runs search for Morpheus)
  • 06:47 Establishing Shot – Neo asleep on desk
  • 06:56 Establishing Shot – Neo’s Desk
  • 07:00 Establishing Shot – Neo’s Desk (overhead)
  • 11:59 Establishing Shot – Alarm Clock (up close)
  • 12:03 Establishing Shot – MetaCortex
  • 17:01 Establishing Shot – Neo in interrogation room
  • 22:37 Establishing Shot – Neo waits for Morpheus
  • 25:05 Establishing Shot – Hotel where Neo meets Morpheus (BOA)
  • 25:16 Establishing Shot – Ascending Stairs in Building (symbol)
  • 33:27 Establishing Shot – Humans in Pods being used for Energy
  • 35:03 Establishing Shot – Crane
  • 35:23 Establishing Dialogue (We’ve done it Trinity, we’ve found him)
  • 40:37 Establishing Shot – Skyline of City in the ancient past (early 20th Century)
  • 41:02 Establishing Shot – Skyline of City in today’s world
  • 42:18 Establishing Shot – Image of sky in today’s world
  • 46:38 Establishing Shots – Outside/Inside of Neo’s Room
  • 55:38 Establishing Shot – Opening the hatch
  • 56:32 Establishing Shot – Traffic Signal (Red Signal of Man – Stop)
  • 59:01 Establishing Shot – Nebuchadnezzar on the run from a Sentinel
  • 1:03:41 Establishing Shot – The Matrix Code
  • 1:07:08 Establishing Shot – The Matrix Code
  • 1:07:13 Establishing Shot – The team is plugged in
  • 1:07:23 Establishing Shot – Phone Ringing
  • 1:07:39 Establishing Shot – The Team is in The Matrix
  • 1:09:19 Establishing Shot – Lobby of Oracle’s Apartment Building
  • 1:17:50 Establishing Shot – The Woman in Red
  • 1:18:28 Establishing Shot – Cypher
  • 1:18:31 Establishing Shot – Tank watching Glitch in the Matrix
  • 1:31:29 Establishing Shot – Agent and Cops arrive on Rooftop

Creative FX/Transitions

  1. Creative FX/Transition – Text Falling Down Screen (00:32)
  2. Creative FX/Transition – Letter morphs into Flashlight (01:19)
  3. Creative FX/Transition (through phone to the word search) (06:36)
  4. Creative FX/Transition – alarm sound gets louder (11:55)
  5. Creative FX – He drops the phone and it pauses briefly, then gravity takes it and falls to the ground very fast (16:38)
  6. Creative FX/Transition – from Camera View to actual view as Agents enter interrogation room (17:03)
  7. Creative FX – The bug looks like an organic thing, but when Trinity throws it out of the window, it lands on the ground and appears (to be) an ordinary electronic tracking device. As a parasite, it is no longer being powered by its host, so it loses “energy” and dies. Please note that its eyes are RED (Color) and this should be in the movie breakdown too. (25:00)
  8. Creative FX – the glass in the mirror fixes its own cracks (31:18)
  9. Creative FX – Neo and the Mirror (31:30)
  10. Creative FX/Audio Filter – enhancing Neo’s change into the Real World; The Audio FX changes his scream from a vocal sound into an Audio “Weird” Sci-Fi Effect (32:33)
  11. Creative FX/Transition (fire from elevator) (1:45:34)
  12. Creative FX/Transition (helicopter flying into building) (1:51:12)
  13. Creative FX/Transition – from Matrix Code to phone (2:08:38)

Genre (Blake Snyder) – 5 (Total)

  1. Whydunit – A mystery must be solved by a hero (who may or may not be a detective) during which something shocking is revealed about the dark side of human nature.
  2. Institutionalized – A hero enters or is already entrenched inside a certain group, institution, establishment, or family and must make a choice to join, escape, or destroy it.
  3. Superhero – An extraordinary hero finds himself in an ordinary world and must come to terms with being special or destined for greatness.
  4. Dude with a Problem – An innocent, ordinary hero suddenly finds himself in the midst of extraordinary circumstances and must rise to the challenge.
  5. Buddy Love – A hero is transformed by meeting someone else, including (but not limited to) love stories, friendship stories, and pet stories.
  6. Monster in the House – A hero (or group of heroes) must overcome some kind of monster (supernatural or not), in some kind of enclosed setting (or limited circumstances), and someone is usually responsible for bringing the monster into being.

Genre – Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Ph.D.

  1. Science Fiction – Science Fiction stories are based on new or futuristic technological or biological advancements. Inventions abound, whether it’s a new type of law or a new way to travel through space. This genre has the most fun with the “What If” question writers love to ask. Anything is possible here. It just has to be made believable or at least probably. Set up the rules of the world you are creating and stick to them.
  2. Action – Action stories have a lot of activity, effects, and, well, action. They are fast paced and designed for pure audience escapism. They are primarily plot-driven. Some subcategories include Superhero (The hero has exceptional power or prowess), Underdog (The hero is misjudged and not thought to have power), and the Savior (The hero must save everyone).


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