Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Part 1 – Overview and Theme

Part 2 – Story World

Part 3 – Characters

Part 4 – Plot

Part 5 – Imagery

Part 6 – Values

Part 7 – Did You Know, Stats, and References

04 WLM - WP - Story World
04 WLM – WP – Story World
Covey's Letters
Covey’s Letters

Significant Event

Letters are sent out

  • This event is at the beginning of the movie, so the Movie is about Lara Jean dealing with the results and aftermath of this event.
Lara Jean in her Field (Initial Fantasy)

Story Events

  1. Covey fantasizes about Josh (in field)
  2. Margot breaks up with Josh
  3. Covey almost hits Peter
  4. Kitty sends letters
  5. Peter confronts Covey about letter
  6. Josh attempts to confront Covey, she hides in bathroom
  7. Lucas gives Covey her letter back
  8. Covey hides from Josh and goes to Corner Cafe
  9. Peter confronts Covey at Corner Cafe
  10. Peter proposes fake relationship
  11. Covey agrees to fake relationship
  12. Peter kisses Covey on lacrosse field
  13. Covey and Peter create contract
  14. Covey and Peter spend time with each other’s families
  15. Gen tries to take Peter back
  16. Covey agrees to Ski Trip
  17. Covey and Peter make out in Hot Tub
  18. Covey breaks up with Peter
  19. Margot finds out Covey is in love with Josh
  20. Margot forgives Covey, Covey forgives Kitty
  21. Covey confronts Gen in bathroom
  22. Covey mends her relationship with Josh
  23. Covey drives to school
  24. Covey admits her feelings to Peter
Lara Jean’s Room

Story Locations

  1. Covey’s head (Romantic Field with Josh)
  2. Covey’s head (Forbidden Kiss and Romance Novels)
  3. Covey’s Room
  4. Covey’s Closet
  5. The Covey Dining Room
  6. The Covey Living Room
  7. The Covey Home (External)
  8. Airport
  9. Covey’s Car (internal)
  10. School Hallway
  11. Covey’s Locker
  12. School Cafeteria
  13. School Library
  14. School Bleachers
  15. School Parking Lot
  16. School Bathroom
  17. Corner Cafe
  18. Lacrosse Field
  19. Peter’s Car (internal)
  20. House Party
  21. Peter’s Home
  22. Bus for Ski Trip (boarding)
  23. Bus for Ski Trip (internal)
  24. Ski Trip (Lobby)
  25. Ski Trip (Covey’s Room)
  26. Ski Trip (Hot Tub)


  • Plot 1 – Dating Peter (Public – Gen, Chris, Peter, Josh, Kitty)
  • Plot 2 – Fake Dating Peter (Personal – Peter, Lucas)
  • Plot 3 – Letters/Crush on Josh (Private – Margot, Josh, Peter)

Story Worlds

  • World 1 – Ordinary World (Covey’s letters are hidden away in her closet)
  • World 2 – Magical World (Covey’s letters are out)
  • World 3 – Transformative World (Covey accepts the letters are out and grows up)

Establishing Shots

The establishing Shots bring an incredible sense to this movie and in a sense, we’re not told about High School, we are transported there and we are filled with nostalgic ideas about our past and we are enamored of what secrets we will experience during the holiday season.

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