As a Content Creator, you face a great and tough journey.

You have ONE PURPOSE, but you have two paths.

I’m glad you mentioned it and you’re right, just like in the Hero’s Journey!

The Hero’s Journey has two journeys (External and Internal), but that’s a simple idea.

Your journey is much more complicated.
Your two journeys exist as PATHS OF SIGHT, but they exist as a state of consciousness, far superior to a state of being.

It sounds difficult, but it isn’t.

Your end goal is to find BALANCE between the two paths.

The first path is esoteric and involves your BEING (who you are).

The second path is exoteric and involves your DOING (what you do).

That’s enough theory, now we can go QUANTUM (my word for going visual).

Side Note

As a Content Creator, you are tasked with doing multiple things, but this is NOT Multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking is doing SEVERAL THINGS at once, but juggling is doing ONE THING AT A TIME, but being AWARE of the other things.

Two different concepts, you got it?

The Esoteric Path (BEING)

This is the difficult path and this is where many of you will stray.

In essence, this involves levels of being and this path DEFINES WHAT IS.

It is called the PRIMARY CAUSE.

Esoteric Path - BEING

The Exoteric Path (DOING)

This is the easy path and this is where many of you linger way too long.

In essence, this involves actions and this path SHOWS WHAT IS.

It is called the PRIMARY EFFECT.

Exoteric Path - DOING

The Infographic

2020_IG_Two Sides of the Same Coin_Miquiel-Banks


At Level 1, we operate at the highest level, symbolized by the Crown Chakra or the Spiritual Plane.

At Level 2, we operate a little closer to our humanity, symbolized by the Third Eye and the Pineal Gland.

At Level 3, we operate much closer to our humanity, symbolized by the Throat Chakra and the concept of Language, Communication, and Connectivity.

At Level 4, we operate at an interesting VOID, in the heart we have the capacity for Global Order (Love) or Global Chaos. At this point, you are EITHER ALL IN or ALL OUT.

This is symbolized by Duality (Order/Chaos, Good/Evil, Light/Dark, etc.) and the two foundational pillars of being Human (Sacred and Divine/Animalistic,Primitive, Instinctual).

At Level 5, we operate at the Social and Emotional Parts of our Humanity and this is symbolized by the Solar Plexus, a crossroads for decision-making in the Creative Spheres.

After we have achieved integration and balance with all the levels, we find ourselves operating at 100% as Responsible, Moral, Enlightened, Sacred, and Divine Beings.

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