It’s a simple word.


However, we have been segmented by it, tricked by it, negated by it, and inundated with it.

Let’s slow down and realize the truth.

Time is a concept, nothing more.

It’s something that we, as human beings, have created to identify certain phenomenema, certain properties, and certain “realities” of our existence.

Circular Time


Long ago in the distant past, the ancients understood time as a Circle and it has been passed down to us via quotes.

Ever heard of the Circle of Life?

Now, the beauty of Time as a Circle is that our “psyches” can easily adjust and overcome its long-term effects.

There are other benefits, including the following:

  1. Matriarchal Consciousness
  2. Eternity
  3. Cycles of Time
  4. Ritual
  5. Magick
  6. Altered States
  7. Art

What a way to live, right?

Also, notice the beauty, color, and aesthetics of Time as a Cycle.

Linear Time


However, when time became linear, the human psyche COULD NOT adjust.

There are no benefits to this model and here’s the disadvantages:

  1. Patriarchal Consciousness
  2. History
  3. Linear Time
  4. Dogma
  5. Rationality
  6. Waking Reality
  7. Science


Now, let’s look at both concepts of time in an Infographic.

2020 - Infographic - Comparison - Linear Time vs Circular Time

Use in Storytelling

Now that you understand these two models of time, we can migrate this to Storytelling.

How do your characters view time?

Is it circular or linear?

How does it impact them, their behavior, or their actions?


Now that you have a grasp of Circular and Linear Time, use this as another tool to finish your stories.

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