The Pharisees and the scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and have hidden them. They have not entered, nor have they allowed those who want to enter to do so.

- The Gospel of Thomas


In today’s lecture, we will discuss the historical power of the Heroic Journey (HJ), its foundation to Cultural Heritage, and its “Disappearance” from Modern Society.

There have been many excuses and names, but only one Opponent.

That Opponent, aptly identified by the BLM (Black Lives Matter) Movement, is Patriarchy.

Don’t see the connection?

Let’s go back in time and start from the beginning.


For millions of years, Humanity has evolved its civilizations by Members of Society taking the Heroic Journey.

Millions of Heroines have taken the call to adventure, journeyed to Magical Realms, and returned to their Villages to share their Experiences.

This is how Cultures and Movements have thrived throughout time, until the advent of Patriarchy.

Around Six Thousand Years Ago, a group of Barbarians decided to start Global Conquests and Conquer the World.

As a result of their arrogance, the Modern Era has paid a tremendous price:

  • Loss of the Sacred Feminine
  • Loss of Respect, Honor, and Divine Allegiance to Women
  • Loss of the Heroic Journey
  • Loss of Artistic and Spiritual Evolution
  • Loss of Cultural and Magical Intelligence
Blog 17 - The Ancient Mantra

Historical Power of the Heroic Journey

In ancient times, cultures and civilizations maintained their integrity, balance, and wisdom through Mythology, Storytelling, Arts, Crafts, and Heroines.

Each Village was “gifted” with identifying these individuals from an early age and then allowing these “Savior Figures” to develop and grow into their “Purpose.”

The Village never questioned whether the Savior was Female or whether the Savior was of proper age, they ensured the “Savior” was properly nourished until adulthood.

Most of the village’s power came from a simple idiom.

I have not.

As a Regulatory Concept, the phrase “I have not” provides an individual with phenomenal power, often mistakenly called “MAGICK” in our Modern Era.

There is NOTHING MAGICAL about Love, Romance, Passion, Inspiration, Motivation, Focus, Determination, Discipline, or Aspiration.

The Heroic Journey as the Foundation for Culture

As the Foundation for Culture, the Heroic Journey provides Individuals (Heroines) to self-identify, choose, develop, and evolve through Multiple Heroic Journeys.

It seems Magical, but it’s not.

It’s simple.

The Individual is given a Mantra (I have not) and with this Mantra, the Individual exists in their Ordinary World and when she is inspired by a Person, Event, Place, or Concept (PEPC), her Heroic Journey begins.

She leaves her Ordinary World, is initiated into a Magical Realm (Altered States), experiences Death, and returns to her Village with a Sacred Treasure.

Blog 17 - The New Mantra Of Patriarchy

Its Disappearance from Modern Society

The Barbarians instituted Patriarchy and changed the Global Mantra.

Think about that concept again.

A Global Mantra, that had worked for millions of years, was changed because of the Barbarians’ Arrogance.

And the Modern Era has accepted this foolishness whole-heartedly and has NEVER questioned its psychological abuse on the Modern Person’s Mentality.

The New Mantra goes like this:

Thou Shall Not

As you can see, this new Mantra allowed the Patriarchy to never experience guilt, problems, stress, or any issues.

How can you have any problems when you can just blame “Someone Else?”

Modern Examples that People Missed

Health Problems (Heart, Blood Pressure, etc.)

Health Problems (Heart, Blood Pressure, etc.)

This is common sense, but so many miss this small issue.

Have you noticed that Evil and Ignorant people don’t have Health Issues?

This is because of the New Mantra of Patriarchy.

They BLAME EVERYONE ELSE for any issues, problems, or situations.

Look around you, listen, and turn on the tv.

All the people responsible for hurting and killing people, when questioned about responsibility, have the same response.

Why did the Police kill that innocent black man?

He did it to himself.

Why did the Police drive over those innocent bystanders?

They did it to themselves.

Please, Dear Friend, stop asking the questions because you’re never going to get a straight answer.

They are using a different Mantra, so they are NEVER going to assume responsibility for ANYTHING.

This is why they don’t get sick or have health issues.

Evil people don’t have “Heart,” so they are not bogged down by HUMANE emotions (Love, Passion, Guilt, Hurt, Compassion, Empathy, Stress, etc.).

We have those emotions and that’s why we have health issues and heart problems and high blood pressure.

On a Final Note, Evil People have no COMPASSION, so they NEVER feel Stress.

The #1 Killer of People today is STRESS and, guess what, EVIL people don’t feel stress.


Because they ONLY CARE about themselves.

Remember that the next time you try arguing with a Racist or any Ignorant Person.

Example Of Climax

Climax in Screenwriting

This example is going to be quick.

Why in the world would Women not PICKET out in the streets about the Patriarchal Foolishness in Screenwriting?

Search the web for Screenwriting Terms.

Or pick up an ebook about finishing a screenplay and you will see a Concept.

It is part of the Industry Jargon now and it’s perfectly acceptable to go into a Pitch Meeting and discuss the “CLIMAX” of your Story.

Are you freaking serious?

Of all names, why is this the name of the Ending?

We know, from this name, this was written by MEN.

Patriarchal and Highly Elitist Men.

Trust me, I’m not lying and I’m not making this up.

This is an Acceptable term to use in Hollywood and the Film Community.

All I can do is shake my head. . . (Beat)

Let’s move on (sigh).


As Content Creators, it is our job to inspire the audience through our Storytelling and rebuild Mythology back into our Local Culture.

A good place to start is incorporating the Heroic Journey into your stories.

Good Luck!

Terms to Review

  • PNF - Patriarchal Nuclear Fallout
  • The Sacred Feminine
  • The Heroic Journey
  • PEPC - Person, Event, Place, or Concept
  • Altered States

Additional Questions

  • Is the Heroic Journey Feminine or Masculine?
  • Is the Hero’s Journay a misnomer?
  • Is the Heroic Journey a Journey, a Path, or a trick?
  • Is the Heroic Journey an ancient Path to Enlightenment?
  • Is the Heroic Journey the Holy Grail?

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