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MB works are in the 2023 Hip Hop Summit

Hip Hop Culture

CTA - ATL Hip Hop Culture
CTA - What is Hip Hop
CTA  The Ten Elements of ATL Hip Hop

Yeek Culture

CTA - Yeek Culture
CA - Pass Dat Fye Video Electronic Press Kit

The Hip Hop Panel Questions

Held in Atlanta on January 27 by @lady_krow_

CTA - Hip Hop Panel Question 1
CTA - Hip Hop Panel Question 2
CTA - Hip Hop Panel Question 3
CTA - Hip Hop Panel Question 4
CTA - Hip Hop Panel Question 5


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Tune in each week to the ATL Hip Hop Diary to experience the Journey of a Lifetime.

Whether you want to read about the Founding of ATL Hip Hop, the Founders Era in Yeeking, or how Mother Hip Hop has guided our World to a New Future.

It's all here for you.

It's time for you to join us by preserving and cultivating Hip Hop Culture.

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Experience Hip Hop and Yeek Cultures in their purest form.

The Hip Hop Diary delivers first-hand accounts of a Hip Hop Scholar.

The Hip Hop Digest delivers insights, tips, and modern-day looks at the Global impact of Hip Hop and Yeek Cultures.

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Miquiel's Editorial Skills are proficient and he is immaculate in his precision. He ensures your work goes to another level with his insight.

  • Sophia Stewart

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Miquiel is a known mind mapping expert and MindManager super-user. If you're looking for a passionate and energetic content creator, Miquiel is your guy.

  • Julie Harrison

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Miquiel Banks is a hard-working, critical thinking communicator who has never ever given up striving for Truth and Reason.

  • Stanley D. Williams

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