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This blog trains Storytellers to ascend past limited vision by using The Moral Premise and taking the Heroic Journey.


Miquiel Banks

4/10/20244 min read


Limited Vision is a huge problem.

Not just in the social and business worlds, but in the INNER world.

And what's the inner world?

There's been many names for it:

  • In the Zone

  • Metaphysics

  • "True" Hip Hop

  • Focused Attention

  • The Hero's Journey

  • Intuition

And all these words mean the same thing:

  • Someone has uncovered some TRUTH from the Higher Divine and Natural Laws.

Remember, everyone is bound by lower laws because they don't SEEK the higher ones.

And this is frustrating and painful for those seeking higher ground.

The longer you live by the lower laws, the longer you are bound and stuck.

And what are the lower laws?

There are many names for it:

  • Status Quo

  • Tradition

  • The Old Ways

  • The Corrupt King

  • Ego

  • Arrogance

  • How things are

  • What we think things are

  • That's how the world works

  • That's the way it is

And how many times have you heard those terms when you want to do something incredible?

Higher Ground

How do we find the higher natural laws?

The first way is simple.

Take the Heroic Journey, discover the treasure, and absorb it into your being.

Seems pretty simple huh?

The problems escalate when your journey pits you against your spouse, family, loved ones, and peers.

Many of them have made a living off the status quo.

They subscribe in the world NOW, not the world YET TO COME.

And their subscription comes at a cost.

Their minds are captivated by the PRESENT, which is the result of what a previous generation SAW.

The Future isn't destined, it's DESIGNED.

And if you desire MORE and yearn for MORE and ache for MORE, you have a serious issue.

The current world, the status quo, is an IDEA.

Now you want to disrupt and change the IDEA that has bequeathed the dreams of millions of people.

Do you think they're going to help you change that IDEA?

This is why when you take the Journey, one of the first steps is Supernatural Aid.

With those numbers stacked against you, only something DIVINE will help you succeed.

Something to chew on

A long time ago, a book was released by Stanley Williams called The Moral Premise.

Somehow, this book captured the purpose of all writing and all forms of communication.

With such a powerful idea, I asked myself, why isn't this book known around the world?

You'd think such a radical and spiritual idea would take hold of the world and ignite our passion?

Sadly, it has not done such a thing.

It has lit the fires of many prominent people, but for now, this book remains "hidden" from sight.

I read the book and it immediately made sense and after understanding the Moral Premise, the truth of stories were revealed to me.

I was able to now watch movies and angulate their stories and subplots until I could readily see the truth of the Moral Premise in all stories.

It was easy to comprehend.

A bad story did not support The Moral Premise or got off track from the Moral Premise.

A good story supported The Moral Premise.

A great story captured The Moral Premise so well that it inspired its audience.

Sorry to be simple, but that's it.

There's nothing more to it.

The Moral Premise

By understanding the Moral Premise, I can readily evaluate stories of all kinds and in all industries.

After digesting the Moral Premise, I saw its use spread out to other places.

And once I started looking, the Moral Premise was everywhere:

  • In a company's mission and vision statements

  • In slogans

  • In ad campaigns

  • In thematic statements

  • In quotes

  • In Debates

  • In Religious and Inspirational Presentations

  • In a Pastor's sermon

Armed with this new tool, I now had x-ray vision to look deeper into story and what it means for my life.

So does this make me special?

No, it means that I took the time out to learn something new and then spent the time utilizing what I learned.

And that's it.

There's no magic pill or magic answer or magic solution.

You notice an insight, you take the Heroic Journey to find out, and you put into practice what you learned.


And the beauty of taking the Journey is a deeper meaning and understanding of reality.

For instance, I figured out that a powerful Moral Premise is not only life-changing, it also affects people's paradigms.

Before Stanley's book, we were trapped in the old reality of Lajos Egri's ideas on premise.

• Miracles cause both frustration and stability

If you wanted to be a bit daring, you could ramp it up like this:

• Expecting miracles lead to frustration

Now, this isn't that powerful, interesting, but not powerful.

If you wrote a movie based on this idea, it would be sorta powerful, but it would be hard to capture the power of Bruce Almighty.

However, after Stanley's book, we can now see that Lajos Egri's ideas were only PART of the Premise.

We have ditched the Premise for the Moral Premise, which is deeper and richer with context, contrast, and truth.

Now, we can view Bruce Almight's Moral Premise below:

• Expecting a Miracle leads to frustration; but being a miracle leads to peace


The Moral Premise has two sides, not just one.

And with this breakthrough, the world of richer and deeper stories is within grasp and within reach.

We no longer want to write the Great American Novel, we now seek to lead divine lives that inspire others to seek higher ground.

That's how powerful the Moral Premise has been for Storytelling.

So I have one question - do you know the Moral Premise of your work that you're working on right now?

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