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MB puts his heart and soul onto the page by creating Unique and Eccentric Tags.

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About MB

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MB is an eccentric talent from the SWATS section of ATL.

Raised in the famous Kings Ridge Apartments, his teen years were polished with the normal ATL fervor (Jellybeans skating rink, the Fresh Party, Westgate Theatre, The Gold Mine, and the Rainbow Arcade).

He's climbed the scales of Hip Hop from Beatboxing to Breakdancing to Graffiti Tagging to Rapper to Music Producer to Full-Scale Multimedia Artist. Like

most artists, he fought with several names (Eternal, Sage, Sage-El) and finally settled on being himself: Miquiel Banks.

MB calls to mind many things, but he encompasses the best of opposing forces; he is both rustic and sophisticated, educated and simple, esoteric and exoteric.

MB has achieved many things in the world of Hip Hop:

  • He is an undefeated and Legendary Beatboxer (RockMiquiel)

  • He personally created over 100 beats as a Beatboxer and it was documented by Da Black Man

  • He was the first ATL breakdancer to master the 1990

  • He created the Breakdance Move called The Elevator

  • He created the Breakdance Move called the Hand Hop

  • He wrote a Slogan Hip Hop Anthem Song (Coca-Cola) before Run D.M.C. made their song My Adidas

  • He set a record for Freestyle Rapping by freestyling from Kings Ridge to Greenbriar Mall

  • He rapped freestyle in the U.S. Army by doing a rendition of Kool Moe Dee's song (The Wild Wild Third)

  • He was the first rapper to make a song about Morris Brown College (yes, even before Outkast)

  • He was managed by the Godfather of CRUNK

  • He went on tour with Splack Pack

  • He was in the studio when Raheem recorded Eliminator on Campbellton Road

  • He recorded a one-take Track with DJ Stan and Kool-Ace in Kings Ridge Apartments

  • He has personally created tracks in every DAW known to Man

  • He has written beats and lyrics to over 500 Original Hip Hop Songs

From Haywood Studios to Patchwerks to DARP Studios to Bosstown Studios to the Funk Shop, he lived the night life, hanging out with DJ Cooly C, Mike Fresh, DJ Toomp, Akon, Devyne, the Hard Boys, 90 MPH, Kool-Ace, Raheem the Dream, Sam Salter, Monica, Chuck D (Public Enemy), Ecstasy (Whodini), Yakira (Vocal Coach), Tony Terry, Seven, and many other artists.

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