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(2021) Poems in the Desert

Capturing the Universal themes of Isolation, Mental Health, Depression, and other emotional daggers from War, Specialist Miquiel Banks' poetry captures his growth from the fear of death from Scud Missiles to complete faith and walking with Angels.

(2021) Angels in the Desert

When a Black soldier defies his white commander, sparks fly in Desert Storm when the truth is revealed: the Black soldier cannot seal a gas mask and he is being deployed to his death.

(2021) The Beat Sheet Reference Guide

As a young writer, I was plagued with issues until I discovered a POWER TOOL that allowed me to achieve great heights: 4-time Award-Winning Newspaper Editor, an Award-Winning Technical Writer and being an #1 Amazon-Author 4 Times!

Punchy, Powerful, and based on principles that work, The Beat Sheet Reference Guide is ALL YOU NEED to plan, start, and finish your stories.

(2021) Conversation Fitness

You can FINALLY forget the boring conversations and awkward silences you encounter during the weekends, holidays, and your spare time. Open up this book and start reading on any page and you'll be the LIFE of the Party, the Bees Knees! Don't think of this as a book, think of this book as the PERFECT WINGMAN or WINGWOMAN for your social life and a way to get off the bench and into the STARTING LINE-UP!

(2021) Still Life (Poetry)

The constant pressure to be BUSY eats away at us, day in and day out. This collection of Poetry slows down time, snuggles up against your Soul, and massages you with Graceful Words that will linger in your Life. Prepare to be wrapped up in Original Concepts surrounding Life, Liberty, Black Lives, Spirituality, and the Cosmic Frequencies of our Universe.

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