Cross-Training for Musicians and Writers

Cross-training is defined as engaging in various activities for well-rounded health and muscular development. The connection between music and writing is highlighted, emphasizing the goal of expressing universal truths through creative work.


Miquiel Banks

5/7/20244 min read


It’s time to do something crazy.

How about Cross-Training to keep your creative juices in shape?

I know it seems that as a Writer, what we do is far from other professions and industries.

The first problem is that, an innate Envy, exists in other Industries and this spills over into what we do.

In ancient times, when we were valued, we had incredible names:

  • Griot

  • Scribe

  • Priestess

  • Mage

  • Shaman

  • Seer

  • Scrivener

  • Oracle

  • Dibia

  • Cleverman

  • Muse

After the impact of Industrialization and Colonization, we have been delegated to the bottom of the pile.

And guess what, that wasn’t enough!

First, they split us into categories and segregated us into different nationalities:

  • Journalist

  • Investigative Journalist

  • Essayist

  • Poetess

  • Short Story Writer

  • Novelist

  • Screenwriter

  • Speechwriter

  • Technical Writer

They sat back in their lush offices and marveled at their triumph, but it was short-lived.

Next, they took the focus off the “Creator” and put it on the “Creation.”

They were CONVINCED if they “tricked” Humanity into putting VALUE on the Creation, not the Creator, we would be FORGOTTEN.

In light of this decision, we have less evocative names and titles:

  • Administrative

  • Support Personnel

  • Content Creator

However, I have great news for you.

In lieu of the Pandemic, the need for creativity is returning to Humanity and, hopefully, we will be given our original status as the “Foundation” for Humanity’s Progress.

Sorry for the History Lesson, but this Blog needed to be put into context.

Now that you know the History, let’s go into our first Fitness Class.

What is Cross-Training?

Cross-Training is defined as engaging in various sports or exercises for achieving and/or maintaining well-rounded health and muscular development.

As a Creative, it is our duty to “See” Clearer than the rest of Humanity.

It sounds like a burden, but it’s not.

It’s a Divine Gift!

Today, we’re going to join our Class with another Creative Person who has been disrespected - The Musician!

Music and Writing

Many view these creative activities as different, but they are closer than many perceive.

Although the mediums differ (Music and Writing), the goal is the same.

To express Universal Truths through our Creative Work.

And in this regard, we’re the same.

The Four Phases of Creativity

To make our class simpler, I have broken down the creative process into four phases:

  • Pre-Production

  • Composition

  • Recording/Writing

  • Production

blog image - infographic
blog image - infographic
blog image - musicians and writers
blog image - musicians and writers

Phase 1 (Pre-Production)

The Pre-Production Phase is a powerful time to prepare, plan, and ideate about our Projects(s).

The key takeaway is this phase is colored RED to symbolize Emotions, Passion, Purpose, Power, Stimulation, and Urgency.

blog image - composition phase
blog image - composition phase
blog image - recording and writing
blog image - recording and writing

Phase 2 (Composition)

The Composition Phase is where we explore, experiment, and brainstorm about our Project(s).

The key takeaway is this phase is colored YELLOW to symbolize Warmth, Awareness, and Bright Intelligence.

blog image - production phase
blog image - production phase

Phase 3 (Recording/Writing)

The Recording/Writing Phase is where we develop, saturate, and let our concepts interact as they evolve into making our Project(s) magical.

The key takeaway is this phase is colored GREEN to symbolize Nurturing, Soothing, Nature, and Growth.

Phase 4 (Production)

The Production Phase is where we shift gears and allow analysis, intelligence, and Vertical Thinking to become prominent as we package, perfect, and finalize our Project(s).

The key takeaway is this phase is colored BLUE to symbolize Connection, Correct Relationships, Clarity, and a hint of Divine Expression/Existence.


As we strengthen our Creativity with Cross-Training, we begin to notice that our Processes become more polished.

Why is that?

The continued practice of going through the Four Phases of Creativity is a “creative ritual” that allows us to find our “proper” speed in developing Projects.

When you find your place on the road of Creativity, something magical happens.

You find your voice.

You find your soul.

You express your Spirit with a Divine Urgency and Vibrancy.

And you laugh to yourself as you look down like Dorothy at your Sacred Relic (Red Slippers).

Your Relic (Spirit) has been with you the entire time and all you needed to do is GO HOME.

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