Cypher or the Battle?

When choosing the Battle route over the Cypher route in Hip Hop, one forfeits the opportunity to experience true connection and creativity. The Battle fosters ego and control, while the Cypher encourages releasing ego and connecting with the Divine Source.


Miquiel Banks

6/5/20243 min read

blog cover image - cypher or the battle
blog cover image - cypher or the battle


When we choose the BATTLE route as opposed to the CYPHER route, we negate our chance at achieving CRUNK because we are no longer transparent.

When you battle, you feed off your own EGO and essentially, are filled with YOURSELF and there's no room left for the Divine Source to enter.

By participating in the Cypher, you release EGO, become part of the connection with the Divine Source, and through that connection, you experience CRUNK.

We had a choice in Hip Hop a long time ago, between fighting and between connection.

In fighting, we called it The Battle.

In connecting, we called it The Cypher.

For those of you who remember this, this is very important.

Now, the fighting part, that was supposed to appease those who chose not to follow the rules of Hip Hop, which is connection.

Cause that’s really what ART is all about, all of the Hip Hop Movement (even Rock N Roll and the Punk Movement), this stuff is about connection.

And to connect, we have to remove those who are intent upon battling and not connecting.

These are your choices - control or connection.

Key concept: Never forget what selfish means.

The Rules

Selfish is creating rules.

Remember the word, rules.

Rules are always synonymous with CONTROL.

You’re creating rules to control something else.

Now a lot of people are going to argue and say, well, we gotta have rules, let’s think about it.

I grew up in Hip Hop and I’ve been around since the Founders Era, we never wrote down any rules.

The rules were never written down.

But Guess What?

Everyone knew what they were.

And this is why ancient people lived in villages and not cities.

In the city, there’s too many people, too many distractions.

Now, when you put all those people in the city and you “poison” the minds of those people and convince them that “Real” Hip Hop involves money, what happens?


And in chaos, salvation comes in the form of safety.

What is safer than making money?

When Hip Hop was poisoned by money, its real purpose was lost to the masses.

And I stood with my brothers and sisters, refusing to give in to the money, but it didn’t help.

Thousands left and never returned, their souls “poisoned” by the allure of money.

Say it with me.

Control = Conquer.

And who conquers?

History has many names for these people, I will provide a few:

  • Hyksos.

  • Barbarian.

  • Soul-less One.

  • Heretic.

  • Opponent.

  • Adversary.

  • The Antagonists.

Key concept: Our values are the rage in today’s world of business, isn’t that funny?

The Righteous Path

But don’t despair, let’s look at the righteous path.

After they came in and destroyed the culture, now they wanna talk about our values?

Right now, they whisper, but that will become shouting, trust me.

So, let’s list the words they use to describe us:

  • Lateral Thinking

  • Productivity

  • Innovation

  • Efficiency

  • Agile

  • DevOps

  • Innovation

All these mean the same thing.



Let’s dig in, what is creating?

Creating is Connection, another key rule of Hip Hop.

How did Mother Hip Hop connect with us?

SHE created US and our MOVEMENT!

By her creation, we CONNECTED.

If you believe something else, then we can talk about it.

If you believe in Evolution, that’s still CHANGE.

You CHANGE over time, but we are still connected with the beginning, the ORIGIN.

So, whatever you wanna believe, that’s cool, just make sure you understand the concept.

Let’s look at what we have.

Behind Door Number One, we have control.

Control leads to Conquering and Foolishness and the path stops there, it ends in a wall.

Because that path leads to Death and Destruction, not our thing.

Let’s look at Door Number Two.

Creation leads to Collaboration, but then, there is NO DOOR, only multiple paths.

And those paths are special.

It shows that Collaboration leads to Cooperation, isn’t that a beautiful worldview?


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