Does Culture Matter?

Culture plays a crucial role in the modern world, impacting everything from creativity to organizational behavior. Embracing culture is essential for evolving in the creator economy, as it provides an environment for innovation and influences mindset beyond just individual beliefs.


Miquiel Banks

6/3/20242 min read


Many people scoff at the idea that Culture has any meaning in our Modern World, but we can stop now.

They are wrong.

Not just wrong - absolutely WRONG!

We have the data.

We have the memories.

We have the historical presentation.

And this truth hits many at the core of their being.

Is it possible that I am wrong?

And we respond very simply - we told you so!

So now, let's go into the 5 Reasons why you must embrace Culture if you want to evolve in the Creator Economy.

Reason 1 - Culture is the Environment for Everything

I can't believe people around the world have missed this important byline, bullet point, and major benefit of Culture.

If you look back, all major movements and inventions in America were incubated and delivered inside of a Culture:

  • The Harlem Renaissance

  • Jazz

  • Blues

  • Big Band

  • Doo-Wop

  • Be Bop

  • Rock N Roll

  • Disco

  • Hip Hop

Ironically, the ones claiming there is Culture have been lying to us.

The biggest liar of all time - Pop Culture!

It was born out of Machine Learning, Propaganda, and the Record Companies working to manipulate and enslave the American Population.

Reason 2 - Culture is the Proper Direction

Many of your employees are going to be all over the place and this is standard behavior.

When you join a Company, what do people do?

They watch others and mimic what they do.

I know you have a Handbook and Social Ethics Classes, but they will not read the Handbook and their alibi is always the same:

So and So in Marketing and Sales were doing it, so I did it.

Without Culture, your organization will always be a Hot Chocolate Mess!

Reason 3 - Culture is the only option to saturate your Organization with Honor and Duty

Although Culture is elusive, its impact can be seen in hindsight with proper contextual vision.

When you are inside of it, it's difficult to weigh in and figure out the progression of its impact on the Population.

I promise you, Mindset is not going to fix Company-wide Problems - only Culture has that power!

Reason 4 - Culture goes beyond Mindset

And this leads us to the propaganda and fake news being delivered to the world today.

I hear the people screaming - mindset, mindset, it's all about Mindset.

They are losing major cool points with this approach.

Culture embeds itself in the Spirit and Mindset embeds itself in the Brain.

Quantum Mechanics tells us that the Brain can't tell the difference between what it has experienced and what it is thinking about.

Why would you set your entire Company's Value System on a fragile object that can be tricked so easily?

Reason 5 - Culture will evolve and allow your Employees to Self-Actualize

The beauty of Culture is how it emanates outward and pushes your Employees to let its embracing arms massage their brains.

When they have downtime or taking a breather, many Employees will be fascinated by the Cultural aspect of their Environment:

Why does Marketing do four 20 minute breaks a day instead of taking lunch?

Why does Sales allow employees an entire day to work on Pet Projects?

Why does Administration have mandatory sleep breaks throughout the week?

There's no need to do brainstorming sessions about these wonderful ideas, just accept that Culture is the Hub and Environment for proper consciousness and behavior for your Company.


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