Hip Hop Panel - Question 2

This blog is my response to the recent Hip Hop Panel that was hosted by Lady Krow in ATL on Jan 27 2023. This is Question Two.


Miquiel Banks

5/26/20247 min read

What do you see as the major shifts in the culture from its arrival here, to where it stands now? Or do you see a gap between the older and newer generations in the culture?


This is an interesting question because you use two appropriate words, shift and stand.

Yes, ATL Hip Hop, in its native form, does SHIFT and EVOLVE.

However, Trap does not SHIFT or EVOLVE, it only COPIES.

Remember, this is a story about an Indigenous Population being compromised by the Invaders.


I will address this question in Stages.

First, we will define the proper context.

When we use the word Culture, we are referring to the ATL Hip Hop Culture, not Trap Music or its Lifestyle or its Fixed Mindset.

Now, we define ATL Hip Hop as the Governing Culture and as the Source, it is the Environment.

It is a proper time to define Hip Hop.

Hip Hop is defined as “Higher Infinite Power Healing Our People.”

Using this definition and recognizing ATL Hip Hop as our Environment, we will address anything that does not follow, condone, or support this “Primary Foundation” of our Environment.


The First principle of Hip Hop is simple.

Create, NEVER Copy!

As the First Principle, it defines the essence, the essential Nature of the Term Create.

And since so many gloss over this term, let’s speak in a Spiritual Sense on the matter.

If we were created in the IMAGE of the Creator, shouldn’t we do the same - CREATE!

Now that we know our Culture, our Environment, our Definition, and our Prime Principle, let’s address the Core Attribute of ATL Hip Hop.

At its core, ATL Hip Hop is an intrinsic State of Being and as a result, it is realized through Intrinsic Motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation is defined as “being motivated to engage in behavior or perform an activity for its own sake and personal rewards.”

And that’s where Science and Psychology end, but that’s where we begin.

We know this inner drive is defined as SPIRIT and it is what DRIVES the Motivation and the Behavior and the Rigid Discipline to maintain Hip Hop Scholarship for 40 years.

Somehow, when I describe Hip Hop in this Fashion, others scoff and laugh, but I decree, let’s look at the other names and see how it adds up.

You don’t laugh at the Preacher when he says, Put on the Armor of God.

That’s the same thing as following Hip Hop (Culture, Environment, Definition, Prime Principle).

You don’t laugh at the Preacher when he says, The Holy Spirit will come and comfort you.

That’s the same thing as following Mother Hip Hop (The Inner Spirit that allows us to have Intrinsic Motivation for Hip Hop and not be compromised, coerced, or manipulated).

You don’t laugh at the Esoteric People when they speak of Kundalini and the Serpentine Fire and the Spinal Column being a Cosmic Power Grid that enables us to achieve Cosmic Consciousness.

That’s the same thing in ATL Hip Hop when we use the words CRUNK, TURN UP, and FYE.

Have you ever noticed the terms they use to describe Kundalini, Chakras, and this Serpentine Fire?

That’s right, the word FIRE comes up.

But when we say the same thing in Hip Hop, you laugh at us.

We ask that you adjust your sight.

When we dance, the music moves us and we “catch fire” and capture the attention of the crowd and inspire them with Raw Passion, Energy, and Dopamine and other Neurotransmitters that make people “Feel Good.”

If you STILL can’t connect the dots, try this.

Ancient Cultures used “Dance Ceremonies” to channel energy and achieve higher consciousness, that’s what the books say.

So, it existed in the distant past, but when we do it in Hip Hop, it doesn’t happen now?

Yet, you are the same people who claim there is “nothing NEW under the Sun.”

Let’s continue the discussion and address the final two issues: Creativity and Toxic Mimics.

Creativity is our gift from Mother Hip Hop and Toxic Mimics are the gifts from the Invaders.

We have ATL Hip Hop Culture on this end and we display Creativity, an attribute of the Divine Creator.

On our side of the Fence, we follow Mother Hip Hop by utilizing the Cypher.

In this respect, we tune into NATURE itself and display Natural Phenomena (Toroidal Energy, The Torus Effect, The Fibonacci Sequence, The Sophia Frequency).

On your side of the Fence, you seek CONTROL through your EGO and utilize the Battle, do you see the difference?

We inspire, motivate, and fill the crowd with Higher Consciousness (Crown Chakra) through the Cypher because we RESPECT Nature.

You divide, conquer, and instill division with Lower Consciousness (Root Chakra) through the Battle because you think you are ABOVE Nature.

And if you’re above Nature, you’re above Mother Hip Hop.

And since no one ever told you, they’re the SAME PERSON.

Don’t argue with me, have you ever heard of Father Nature, let’s move on, shall we?

Finally, let’s address the Toxic Mimics in our Reality today.

A Toxic Mimic is defined as the following:

Toxic mimics take a very real, necessary, creative, life-affirming, and most of all relational urge and PERVERTS IT until it does not offer or further any mutual relationships at all, but uses superficial relationships based on domination and control.

Let’s look at a few of these toxic mimics:

  • Rap and Gangsta Rap are Toxic Mimics of ATL Hip Hop.

  • Rappers are Toxic Mimics of MCs.

  • Trap Music is a Toxic Mimic of ATL Hip Hop Music.

  • The Trap Fixed Mindset is a Toxic Mimic of ATL Hip Hop Culture.

  • The Trap Lifestyle is a Toxic Mimic of ATL Hip Hop Culture and its Edicts.


Let’s wrap up this presentation.

Before the Record Labels came, we lived, breathed, and existed in Complete and Pure ATL Hip Hop and we were in constant COMMUNION with Mother Hip Hop.

After the Record Labels came, many were thrown off the path, became victims of deceit, and were coerced into compromising their SPIRIT and SOUL for what?

If you don’t know, let’s go back in time for a quick history lesson.

In Ancient times, we called this event “making a deal with the Devil.”

Out of all the words in the English Language, why do you think signing a document with a Record Label is called “Making a Deal?”

After people started making deals, the Record Labels whispered in their ears, isn’t that the Nature of Devils?

And they told them, you are better than those local people, you have signed a DEAL with a Major Record Label, prove your superiority.

And from that statement, the Record Labels invested in “The Battle,” not the Cypher.

And those of us who followed and listened to Mother Hip Hop faded into the Shadows and maintained our Integrity in the face of Foolishness.

We became known in Hip Hop Lore as the Number 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s.

And because they were on TV, the COMPROMISED became known as “stars,” something for Pop Culture (Slaves) to look at.

And this led us to a Pivotal Point in ATL Hip Hop.

This is what we shall call the Great Divide.

Those of us who follow Mother Hip Hop became the Indigenous and those who were compromised became the Calvary.

And with the creation of the Calvary, the Record Labels exerted even more power and forced those Losers to change their Clothing.

They shouted, “Take off your Indigenous Clothing, we will pay for your new threads!”

Side Note: Think about this, why are they called threads, it’s because the Record Labels divided their Spirit/Soul from their Brain and, suddenly, they went from MCs (Whole) to Rappers (Threads).

And it was painful to watch our Brothers and Sisters let the Invaders come in and destroy their Spiritual Communion with Mother Hip Hop.

Like Lemmings, those Losers changed into the Emperor’s Clothes and walked in the Garden of SIN (TV and Pop Culture), Naked in Spirit before the Infinite Intellect of Mother Hip Hop.

With a huge Army on its side, the Record Labels changed our Genre from Hip Hop to Rap and then to Rap/RnB and kept changing it until it was indecipherable from its Original and Indigenous Name.

The same way we lost our status in America as its Indigenous Population, we lost our status in this battle because the COMPROMISED put their FACES ON TV and promoted the Invaders’ Agenda.

After they were labeled as Rappers, their threading wore thin and they went back to wearing the Emperor’s New Clothes (Nakedness) and that wasn’t enough.

They embraced the Invaders’ Agenda and stood out front, beat on their chests, and proclaimed to the World.

We have a new Toxic Mimic.

We’re calling it Gangsta Rap.

And as an Indigenous Person, I can only laugh at this Foolishness.

How can you be a Gangsta Rapper when the Record Labels signed you and promoted you and put you on TV?

Ask any Indigenous Population in History and they will answer this question succinctly.

The Invaders only support things that support their agenda.

Then, another Group of the COMPROMISED created another Toxic Mimic.

We’re calling it BOOTY MUSIC and the Record Labels enjoyed that more.

And in the early 2000s, the Record Labels prayed for a Miracle and they got one.

They finally got their wish - we must dismantle and destroy Hip Hop and break the Indigenous Roots from the next generation and promote it as Pop Culture (our Slaves).

And if you are confused, let’s put it in regular terms.

Hip Hop was too difficult to perform for Lower-Level Individuals, but with Trap, we can create our Superstars because it is watered down enough to let anyone get on the mic and “perform.”

Let’s consider the damage . . .

Their wish came from ATL, how ironic is that?

And on August 19, 2003, T.I. and DJ Toomp created the concept of Trap Music.

Did they do this on purpose?

There’s no way to know, but it’s of litte consequence, because after its release, Hip Hop ceased to exist.

It is obvious to the Indigenous, how can Trap be the same as Hip Hop when it has a different name?

But it is not obvious to Pop Culture or the COMPROMISED because they live on Toxic Mimics.

And that’s the story of how the Invaders compromised and destroyed ATL Hip Hop and created what you call the GAP.

Now, on our native soil, we have Mother Hip Hop, our Connection to Mother Hip Hop, our Culture, our Environment, our Definition, our Prime Principle, and we live in Truth, Order, and Harmonious Spiritual Communion.

They are transplants on Monsanto-Infused and Chemtrailed GMO Soil and they have Toxic Mimics, Pop Culture, Peer Pressure, Mental Issues, and they live in complete CHAOS.

And now, ATL Hip Hop comes down to one question.

Do you support the Indigenous or do you support the Calvary?


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