Hip Hop Panel - Question 3

This blog is my response to the recent Hip Hop Panel that was hosted by Lady Krow in ATL on Jan 27 2023. This is Question Three.


Miquiel Banks

5/26/20242 min read

blog cover image - hip hop panel - question 3
blog cover image - hip hop panel - question 3

Do you believe the future generation will keep the elements alive and provide the knowledge about Hip Hop culture especially in breaking/dance culture? Or is the new gen lost?

As a Gnostic, I don’t do Belief.

This is something that has poisoned Humanity ever since the Invaders and Barbarians seminated itself into Terraforming Society with their Foolishness that has erroneously been labeled Empire-Building (Old Term) and Globalism (New Term).

As a B-Boy, I exist and evolve through Experience.

It is my Experience that Humanity is obsessed with Short Cuts and Negligence, so it is the Sacred Duty of Future Generations to Follow the Original Script:

  • Open Up, Cleanse Themselves, and Become Transparent

  • Allow Mother Hip Hop to Speak

  • Listen Actively and Intently

  • Translate the Sacred and Divine Message into their own Language

  • How will I reflect the Divine Light (Inactive Reflection, Contemplation)

  • Continually Create and Express themselves through their Own Lens (Active Reflection)

With this New Expression, Humanity will be led by the Chosen Ones who will actively Express the Divine Light.

When this is done by the Majority, Humanity will be out of the Kali Yuga and there will be what we term as a “Golden Age.”

However, for those who are part of this Movement, it will be their NORMAL EXPERIENCE and there will be nothing SPECIAL about it.

As for Breaking and Dance Culture, I suspect the Sophia Frequency will activate and reveal itself in Humanity through a Future Movement of Divine Artistic Expression.

Whether this new movement will be called Hip Hop is beyond me, but the Sophia Frequency will be expressed COMPLETELY this time.

In Conclusion, I sense the new Generation is NOT LOST, a better term would be DISCONNECTED.

Never Forget the Definition of Hip Hop - Higher Infinite Power Healing Our Power.

With this understanding, the words HIGHER and INFINITE provide the foundation for Future Generations to Self-Actualize, Activate, Internalize, Reflect, and Express themselves.


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