Hip Hop Panel - Question 4

This blog is my response to the recent Hip Hop Panel that was hosted by Lady Krow in ATL on Jan 27 2023. This is Question Four.


Miquiel Banks

5/26/20241 min read

Working with the youth in the community, how do you go by teaching them about the culture especially in dance? (For those who work with the youth) Is this a way to prevent a gap between generations (if you think there is one?)

Unfortunately, I am a Performance Artist in the Yeek Arena, so I enjoy the “Spiritual Rush” of throwing my back out when I step out.

Because of this satisfaction, I am not “teaching” anyone how to Yeek, that’s not my thing.

At this time, I would urge anyone who wishes to partake in Yeeking or learning how to Yeek, to contact Anthony Francis for Classes.

The second part of this question is DEFINITELY aimed at Anthony Francis for an answer.


Reach out to Anthony Francis on Instagram (@antfrancis.datfyeentertainment) if you are interested in Yeek Culture, Yeeking, or want to learn how to Yeek.


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