Hip Hop Panel - Question 5

This blog is my response to the recent Hip Hop Panel that was hosted by Lady Krow in ATL on Jan 27 2023. This is Question Five.


Miquiel Banks

5/26/20241 min read

blog cover image - hip hop panel - question 5
blog cover image - hip hop panel - question 5

Where do you see the direction of hip-hop culture in Atlanta in the future? Or in general?

The Direction of ATL Hip Hop Culture is in trouble right now, major trouble.

Not just ATL Hip Hop, but all forms of Hip Hop in the US.

Because the Record Labels (The Invaders) have compromised and usurped the Culture, the Populace has been split into two:

  • Those who remain true to Mother Hip Hop

  • Those who trust the Invaders

Unfortunately, the group that supports the Invaders is the SAME ONE that the Pop Culture supports, and because of this Foolishness, the Culture is in trouble of being “Lost in the Annals of Time.”

There are a few points of light out there pushing the Culture and educating the Culture.

A Major one has been KRS-ONE and he’s doing wonderful things for the Culture with his Temple of Hip Hop.

Then, you have Eric Thomas, the Hip Hop Preacher, but I’m not sure if he’s promoting Hip Hop or not.

From what I can tell, he’s focusing on Personal Development and Motivation, which is part of the Hip Hop Arena of Specialties.

In conclusion, I am doing my part to cultivate and preserve the Culture, but it’s a dangerous time and I will walk in my Light and see how it goes.


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