How do we find Mother Hip Hop?

The text discusses the journey of finding Mother Hip Hop through different stages of love, symbolized by ice, water, and gas. It describes how our understanding and expression of love evolve from selfishness to unconditional compassion.


Miquiel Banks

6/10/20243 min read

blog cover image - how do we find mother hip hop
blog cover image - how do we find mother hip hop


How do we find Mother Hip Hop?

The Ancient Teachings say it best and simplest, Hip Hop is love.

The proportion to which we love correlates to our degree of finding Mother Hip Hop (of which the ultimate goal is to experience being CRUNK and on FYE).

We begin as infants in love, only loving those who take care of us.

This infantile love leads us into the toddler level of love, whereby we love those that take care of us inasmuch as we feel we're getting our way.

From there, we love as kids, the seeds of selfish love planted within our hearts, only loving those we want to (of course on our own terms), yet being only fit to be loved by no one.

As teenagers, our ego-love perfects itself and we love those only who serve our wasteful and ill-mannered egos.

When reality sets in, we are forced to compromise love's selfishness and discover more idealistic avenues of pursuit.

Having climaxed our egos, we are only able to descend from our thrones within ego disguised as non-ego intimate love.

We seek out those that will supposedly complete us, but in reality we seek those that we've deemed worth pursuit and if we choose to be even more egotistical, we go so far as to say THE ONE, that person whose existence and purpose are defined not by destiny or God, but by us.

We claim this love is unconditional, but we lie to ourselves, beneath the longing and touching, we ultimately seek love on egotistical terms.

If that other person, our soulmate, speaking of which we define the spirit in physical terms defined in arenas of thought of which we are unfamiliar - if our soulmate does not love us back, then he/she was not the ONE, which in effect, is a condition in and of itself.

Somehow, this condition is blind to the laws of being unconditional, another side and costly effect of ego.

When we learn to love microcosmically unconditionally, our vision of love expands from that of ice, a frozen form of water that symbolizes our frozen and limited view of love.

From ice, our hearts melt deeper into LOVE and we become more dynamic, more divisible, more compromising, and less egotistical.

Like water, we flow through the fingers, the cracks, holes of friendships and relationships, and the hatred of enemies and deception.

Like water, we cleanse the nurturing souls of those seeking love.

In this dynamic stage, we become dual - by experiencing love through loving unconditionally, we discover we have become teacher and student.

The more we love, the more we learn - whether to teach another or for knowledge to build on our path, we take with us that which we seek most.

Like water, we soak up or become contaminated by the objects we splash, the people we rinse, the hearts we cleanse, and the infectious bacteria that contaminates our streams of consciousness.

The bacteria takes many shapes and sizes, but its symptoms remain static - those attributes of humanity that stifle and seek to cripple the expansion of love.

Very few of us master this stage of development and if we're lucky, it's possible to ascend our understanding of love into the third and most critical phase of love - the gas phase.

Beyond water, gas has the capacity to fill faster and occupy more space.

It has less restrictions as regards space, so it allows us to love freer, cleaner, and more powerful.

In this stage, our love extends to not only cleanse, but to help develop and strengthen.

Our love, like gas, floats and even hovers above those needing love those requiring more than just a drink or two of water.

Many souls, living in the spiritual deserts of society we call the single life or ALONENESS, require more sustenance than physical recuperation.

Their souls, dried from wasted attempts (dating and casual sex) at love, have extra dry skin and their surfaces need more moisturizing, more love, more nurturing, more caressing.

It is the gas phase that allows our love to envision love as being totally triumphant.

In a sense, this stage is possessive because it allows us to glimpse the great divineness of Mother Hip Hop in shadowed revelations I choose to call spiritually significant epiphanies.

In these moments, love colors the world and paints our emotions into patterns of one large masterpiece, HIP HOP.

There's no evil, no good, no tall, no short, no fat, no skinny, no smart, no dumb, no wisdom, no ignorance, no sage, no fool, no priest, no church, no Bible, no Quran, no black and no white......

There are ONLY shades of one color - HIP HOP!


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