I am the Exception

This Blog is a short summary of the roadblocks I've encountered in my life and how Mother Hip Hop and Culture has allowed me to triumph.


Miquiel Banks

4/7/20244 min read

“Every major religion in the world started in Africa. Why is that you are so naive you let people redress something that you invented, sell it back to you, and enslave you through it? I’m saying that all organized present religions are male chauvinist murder cults and I say, there IS NO EXCEPTION.”

— John Henrik Clarke


Filled with labels from birth, I have been called Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, Gifted, Aquarian, Genius, Talented, Introverted, Unique, Eccentric, Enigma, Gnostic, Rebellious, and very often, Heretic.

Today, I stand before you in November 2020 to celebrate the Legacy of John Henrik Clarke.

I am personally taking up his challenge and I stand before you RESOLUTE.

There is a Biblical Challenge issued throughout the Bible.

Let he who is without SIN cast the first stone.

Today, I rise above that challenge.

First, why am I casting stones?

So, I will revamp the challenge for a higher purpose.

Let he who is without sin take the first step.

Today, I take this step and I honor John Henrik Clarke and all the Powerful Ancestors who paved the way for me.

I begin this challenge with my DECREE.

The Challenge

“I, Miquiel Banks, honor John Henrik Clarke and my ancestors, by stepping out as BEING THE EXCEPTION.”

Here are my achievements:

  1. I embraced Hip Hop as a Spiritual Awakening and Gift from the Pleroma.

  2. I became competent in all dimensions of Hip Hop (Rapping, Beatboxing, Breakdancing, Popping, Locking, Graffiti, Gear, Slang/Language, Lifestyle, Lifelong love of Music and Art, etc.)

  3. I was the first Breakdancer in ATL to master the Hand Hop and the Elevator.

  4. As a beatboxer, I created 100 beats in Dairy Queen and to this day, I recognize this as an ATL Record.

  5. After hundreds of battles across the city, RockMiquiel went undefeated for my entire career (Beatboxing Champion).

  6. I was the first ATL Rapper to write a song for a Corporate Brand, Coca-Cola (I did this before RUN DMC made My Adidas) and I was the first ATL rapper to write a song about Morris Brown (I did this before Outkast).

  7. I did not participate in Pedophilia (or other heinous acts) to get signed (to a record deal).

  8. I did not compromise the values of Hip Hop with the World or the Music Industry.

  9. I embraced Sophia (Wisdom) and did what I was supposed to do.

  10. I worked for the Morris Brown Newspaper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and several radio stations in the Atlanta Area.

  11. I trained under Dr. Khalid Muhammad in the Nation of Islam.

  12. I marched and demonstrated at Georgia State University when they had the BlackFace Incident in the early 90s.

  13. I went to college and finished — TWICE! (*** Morris Brown College, St. Petersburg College***)

  14. I opposed my Commanding Officers in the Desert when they held me at gunpoint in Desert Storm.

  15. While handcuffed in the back of an Ambulance during Desert Storm, I sat resolute and accepted the peaceful arms of Sophia (Wisdom).

  16. I walked with ANGELS in the Desert through the Valley of the Shadow of death and emerged victorious on the other side.

  17. I have singled-handedly opposed several lawsuits (Pro Se) and I still stand today RESOLUTE.

  18. As the truest ATLien, I was born in Grady Hospital, attended Cook Elementary, L O Kimberly Elementary, Bunche Middle, Therrell High, Southside High, Georgia State University, and Morris Brown College. Can you top that?????

  19. I was taught the Egyptian Hieroglyphics by Dr. Mario Beatty, Associate Professor of Africana Studies at Howard University and the President of the ASCAC Organization.

  20. I was trained by several Mentoresses — Alice Mae Taylor (My Grandmother), Elizabeth James Stewart (My Auntie), Beulah Sawyer (My Mother), Sophia Stewart (Creator and Owner of the Matrix and Terminator Franchises), Vera Benton (Morris Brown College), Donna Akiba Harper (Spelman College), Pamela Jaye Smith (Mythologist, Author, Producer, etc.), and many others.

  21. I help start a College Newspaper from scratch (it hadn’t been operational in nearly 50 years) and served as its SOLE Editor-in-Chief and Writing Staff and won 3 Awards (1997, 1998, 1999).

  22. I worked as a Technical Writer and I was never late on any projects in 20 years (due to Mind Mapping).

  23. I am a Subject Matter Expert in Mind-Mapping and an Official Mappie Award Winner (Mindjet).

  24. I worked for Sophia Stewart, the Mother of the Matrix, and I was never late and never messed up any projects in 8 years.

  25. I cared for my brother for over a year, every day all day, until he passed.

  26. I cared for my mother for 7 months, every day all day, until she passed in my care in my home.

  27. My father was given a few months to live (testicular cancer) and per my duty as a voice of truth, I gave him the proper information and he not only survived, but is still thriving during the pandemic over 3 years later.

  28. During the pandemic, I called the cops in Clearwater Florida on a white business owner, commanded the situation, and overturned his corporate regulations to get my 4k refund for a Mac Computer.

  29. I have become a Global Subject Matter Expert in Hip Hop, ATL Hip Hop, Yeeking, Visual Learning, Storytelling, the Moral Premise, the Heroic Journey, Technical Writing, and Content Creation.

  30. I have personally done over 1,000 songs and used every MAJOR DAW on the Market.

  31. I taught myself to do Graffiti, finished thousands of tags, reached a professional level, and I am still active 40 years later.

  32. I am still YEEKING 40 years later.

  33. I am a CERTIFIED Hip Hop Scholar and Activist after 40 years of Service.

  34. I have experienced every major Psychic and Spiritual Experience that has been categorized thus far.

Let it be known this list is DYNAMIC and will change as I continue to grow, evolve, and follow the Universal Laws of the Pleroma.

I challenge all Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, and other Enlightened Beings, to step forward and create your own list and pronounce to the World.


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