I Fix Stories

This blog details my first tagline, I Fix Stories.


Miquiel Banks

4/7/20242 min read


Here’s my tagline.

I Fix Stories.

Quick and to the Point.

But guess what?

Just like Myth, this tagline is meaningless.

Yes, it sounds good for the tabloids and social media.

It gives me this pristine quality.

It makes me feel important.

But there’s a problem.

My sacred duty is to first discover, then explore, and then share.

I Write Stories (Step 1)

The first step to my growth starts with one word - Discovery.

However, this one word is full of many steps.

First, in order to discover something, I have to go SEEKING.

In order to seek, I must first ASPIRE.

I know, I know.

It sounds complicated, it’s not.

It’s just a lot going on.

I Finish Stories (Step 2)

The next step is captured with one word - Finish.

Like the previous step, this one is full of many, many steps.

Like writing, it is composed of a Beginning, Middle, and End.

The beginning is Planning Phase.

The Middle is the Writing Phase.

The End is the Finishing Phase.

I Fix Stories (Step 3)

After I become an expert in finishing stories, now I’m ready for the next level.

To enter the marketplace and help others.

How do I help others, you may ask?

Some ask for help with Plots.

Others ask for help with Characters.

Some don’t quite understand the outline.

Many are troubled by the simplicity of the Moral Premise.

Others get bogged down by POV (Point of View).

All these are valid pain points, but they are still MINOR ISSUES.


Fixing Stories is MY sacred duty.

Finishing Your Stories is YOUR sacred duty.

Together, we allow your Creativity to flourish and thrive.

And after you finish your first story, you smile to yourself.

That wasn’t so hard!

I shake my head, she doesn’t know how long the road takes.

And as you go through your next story, you realize how far behind you are.

And you complain, “But I knew enough last time.”

Sorry to hurt your feelings, but each story is different.

But there’s one guarantee that you can smile about.

No matter how tough the story or how tough the planning, you have one governing principle in your life.

You know me.

And guess what?


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