Our only options in 2024

This blog details, what and where we as a Collective Group, should be focusing our energy to be Successful in 2024.


Miquiel Banks

6/11/20242 min read


Since we are STRONG in Hip Hop Energy, I am asking all of you jto oin me in focusing on the Four Major Areas of Concern in 2024:

  • Diagnosing All Scams

  • Embracing Hip Hop Culture

  • Personal Development

  • Cultural Studies

  • Self-Actualization

If you are not using your awareness in one of these five areas, I am asking that you go back to the Board and sketch out your goals for this year.

Do not allow the Distractions to take your Mind away from your Purpose!

Homework Questions

Who is Chief Ali?

Who or What is ARNA?

What is a Saracen?

Who or what is a Hyksos?

Who is Sophia Stewart?

When did Sophia Stewart write The Third Eye?

Who is the character of Neo based on in The Matrix?

What’s the connection between The Matrix and The Terminator?

How does John Connor (in The Terminator) connect with Neo (in The Matrix)?

Did you consider that all the People in Zion are Black People?

Did you notice that all the “Bad Guys” in The Matrix are White People?

Did you notice the “Good Guys” in The Matrix are Black Superheroes?

Did you know Will Smith was supposed to be Neo in The Matrix?

Why did Will Smith turn down his role for The Matrix?

Do you know the stories of NY, ATL, Miami, and California Hip Hop Culture?

How do these Hip Hop Cultures differ?

Do you know these Iconic Figures (DJ Toomp, DJ Smurf, Mike Fresh, DJ Cooly C, and DJ Stan)?

Can you name 10 Rappers from the 80s in ATL Hip Hop Culture?

What was the first Hip Hop Record released in ATL?

What year was this record released?

Is Yeeking part of ATL Hip Hop Culture?

Can you define Personal Development?

Can you define Cultural Studies?

How does Cultural Studies integrate with Hip Hop Culture?

How many neighboring Cultures exist beside ATL Hip Hop Culture?

What are the 10 Elements of ATL Hip Hop Culture?

Can you define Self-Actualization?


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