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As we navigate life, we often find ourselves in familiar territory despite using different labels like love, fun, divine, or natural. The underlying concept, whether termed as TRUTH or BEAUTY, remains consistent across perspectives, suggesting a fundamental unity in the moral premise of balancing moral action and organic beings' harmony.


Miquiel Banks

5/14/20241 min read

blog image - scaler design
blog image - scaler design


The more we move through our lives, the more we seem to hover in the same area.

That guy calls it love, that guy calls it fun, that guy calls it divine, that guy calls it natural.

Despite the words we use, we all come to the same area.

Is that coincidence or on purpose?

The word beneath the others.

What I call The Moral Premise of the Primal Idea.

It’s the same, regardless of where you look or how much you beg for difference.

This side calls it TRUTH.

That side calls it BEAUTY.

The problem is they are BOTH wrong and they are BOTH right.

The words are the same, despite the perspectives we bring to them.

Distilled — e can argue TRUTH is the beauty of Moral Action and Balance in Organic Beings.

Distilled — e can argue BEAUTY is noticing the design of truth in other areas.

When taken in context, truth and beauty are essentially the same, just different perspectives.

And somehow, in America, a different lens means a different path.

And this is not true, but it’s BELIEVED to be true.

And that, my friend, is Scalar Design.

What are your thoughts on this?


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