The Sponge Docks and Levi

While exploring the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs Florida, I have an epiphany about my place in the world and about my father, Levi Banks.


Miquiel Banks

5/6/20242 min read


I promised myself that today - I am going to have an amazing discovery.

I am spending the weekend visiting the Famous Sponge Docs in Tarpon Springs and while here, I notice several distinctions.

  • Female and Male

  • Night and Day

  • Water and Land

But as I look closer, a deeper distinction appears.

As I reach down in my cargo shorts for a pen, a scrawny teen rushes past and without looking both ways, crosses the street chasing his sister.

His smile flushes his skin as the wind pushes dents in his cheeks.

As they turn the corner, I pull out my pad and guess what?

I can't remember the insight.


This is what happens when you go out into the population and risk your stress levels.


Now, back to reality.

On my left is a shop selling soap.

On my right is a shop selling authentic greek food.

Is this what life has come to?

As an elder woman hobbles past me, grumbling something to her husband, they hold hands and their smiles steer them to the next corner.

Their wrinkles, tightwad as their clothes, flicker against the temperamental sun blazing its energy on our small and fragile frames.

I wait until no one is around and I do one of my favorite things - sungazing.

I glare up at the sun, look a little to the right, and I blink 40 times.

That's right, it has to be 40 times.

Don't blame me, I just do what I'm told.

After my chakras are re-invigorated and I feel fabulous, I eye Dmitri's and BOOM!

It hits me.

Now I remember!

I grab my pad and scribble as fast as I can before I forget.

I call them the Four P's.

  • Elders are for Perspective.

  • Adults are for Perseverance.

  • Kids are for Passion.

  • and for dramatic irony, Teens are to PISS us off!

I giggle to myself, will anyone even value this quote or will they delete my next email like they've done millions of time?

I shake my head . . . . maybe this kind of stuff is just for me.

I pull out a copy of my book, Angels in the Desert, and I walk into Dmitri's.

I order the crab cakes for an appetizer and my eyes LOCK into the Grouper Sandwich.

Or should I get the pan-seared Salmon?

I eye the water outside and the several boats docked outside.

Does life get better than this?

I scan the first few pages of my book, Angels in the Desert, and I realize most of the people on my Dedication page have passed away.

So now, my book is no longer a book.

It allows me to transport my Soul back to a time when they were alive and in that sense, it becomes a Time Machine.

A Spiritual Gateway of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

As the waiter returns, I sigh and select the Gulf Grouper Filet.

Then, I go back to my book and start reading about Levi being avalanched into Christianity.

In the distance, a woman shouts to a group of people about going on an airboat ride in ten minutes.

It's Saturday and I'm spending my day at the Sponge Docks reading about my Father Levi.

What are you doing to be inspired today?

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