Treasure from the Past

The Blog acknowledges a pivotal moment and understands the audience's thoughts on the previous emails not aligning with Content Coaching or Visual Learning. The Blogger notes a shift in focus from the past's rigid routines to embracing new possibilities in a changing world, emphasizing the need for broader perspectives.


Miquiel Banks

5/13/20242 min read

blog image - treasure from the past
blog image - treasure from the past


Now, we come to an important crossroads.

I know what you're thinking.

Yeah MB, those previous emails were interesting, but I don't see the connection with Visual Learning.

Most of you came here to learn Visual Learning or Storytelling or Content Creation, but the problem is that we live in a new world.

Before, we were stuck in that rat race, imploding on Grind Rewind, and constantly circling in Loserville.

Now, we are not on ONE TRACK and ONLY see one way.

We can use multiple POVs (Points of View) and view the world from different vantage points.

This is the mystical or metaphysical definition, but to be simple, let's use the cheap word the Business World uses.


OMG, another trick!

Rather than give credit to other people, those old ideas still grapple to maintain control.

We're breaking free from that old world.

Right Now!

Let's go back to how you've grown.

You updated your look, joined the Visual Learning Newsletter, and you heard my Why.

Then, you were taken into several case studies.

Next, you discussed streaming Movies.

From there, you discussed the big debate - is TV better than Movies?

After that, you discussed the Matrix Protocol of the Old World they called Programming.

Now, you can look back and take a breather.

Look back at that Old World and throw away all that trash.

This is the New World and here, we go past THEORY and OPINION and BIAS and PREJUDICE and FOOLISHNESS.

We don't argue or debate anymore.

We go to the Board and use Visual Learning to SEE.

I promise you, once you SEE, you're not going to deal with theories, opinions, debates, and other distractions.

Together, we're taking a journey and seeking the Elusive Treasure that was lost when the Barbarians began their GLOBAL CONQUEST.

It's been called many names in the past:

  • Heaven

  • The Philosopher's Stone

  • The Holy Grail

  • Christ Consciousness

  • The Secret

  • The Theory of the Superman

  • The 5th Dimension

  • 5th Dimensional Consciousness

  • The DreamTime

In our world, these are not ideas or fabrications or legends or myths.

This is how we experience the world with Visual Learning.

Ready to take the plunge?

Buckle your seatbelt and get ready as we discuss the small things, the big things, the overlooked things.

Over here, SIGHT provides us with INSIGHT.

And now, you can join the others before you and stand proud and shout with your SPIRIT.

(Repeat after me)

  • I am Here.

  • I am Spirit.

  • I am LIGHT.

And with LIGHT, I SEE the TRUTH.

Guess what?

With the Truth, you now have the elusive treasure.

You can SHOW what NO ONE SEES.

Welcome Home!


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