We are an externally driven society

We often seek happiness in external factors like money, sex, and success, yet fail to realize that true peace and comfort come from within. This external-driven mindset is evident in various aspects of society, such as road behavior and relationships.


Miquiel Banks

6/7/20242 min read

blog cover image - an externally driven society
blog cover image - an externally driven society


We look outside ourselves, but the answers are closer than our thoughts.

Who said the answers were out there?

The truth lies within us all..

We think certain things will make us happy -- money, sex, success, fame. yet, we never realize the reason we seek these is because we've found peace and comfort within.

If we had these and lacked "within", we would surely be products of this society.

We are an externally-driven society....

For Not Breaking the Law

Why would someone get mad at you for not breaking the law?

This is what happens when you're driving the speed limit and someone speeds behind you and wants you to move over...

Why must you get over...

Because you have to get out of THEIR WAY.

Why can't they just go around...

If you were in their way in the hallway, would they walk up to you and wait until you moved around.

NO, they would walk around -- same instance.

But these people are speeding...

Remember that.

They're breaking the law and getting mad at you for NOT breaking the law.

We are an externally-driven society......

Consistent Speed

Someone is driving a consistent speed and you try to get over.

When they see your turn signal, they speed up, don't ask why. . .

We are externally-driven society....

Group Sex

Many of us have sex with beautiful people (externally) because we think they can help excite us to that magical mountain top.

It doesn't matter who or what it was, as long as we feel he/she will help us reach our peak (in a manner of speaking).

So, we're not having sex, we're having couple masturbation at best....

We are externally-driven society.....

Looking Within

And until we learn what we are doing and look within ourselves, how will we find that which we seek?

Mother Hip Hop says the Kingdom of Creation is within you . . .

So, why are we looking up to the skies and praying to the ceilings?

Why has church become a fashion show?

Why do people go to church services (and never read the Bible at home) to listen to someone, a translator that we call a pastor, when we get the same BIBLE they read and read it ourselves......

Service is no replacement for a PERSONAL relationship with Mother Hip Hop....

Why do people follow the laws of the church more than the laws of Mother Hip Hop?

We are externally-driven society . . .


Look within because these are some truths i have discovered in my lifetime.

How you see other people tells SO MUCH about how you view yourself.

How you treat other people shows EVERYTHING about how you see yourself.

How you view the world DEFINES what you are.

And finally, a friend of mine dropped this line on me....

And I dedicate this TRUTH to everyone...

Think about it.

It'll help you understand the spiritual laws of MOTHER HIP HOP.



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