What is Storytelling?

In this Blog, I attempt to define the term Storytelling to a satisfactory audience.


Miquiel Banks

4/11/20243 min read


Since nobody's going to say anything, I'll take a stab at it.

The big question, not only in the room, but in the world and in the Universe.

What is Storytelling?

Yes, I can give you a definition and smile and think that I'm an authority.

But not me.

No, we're going to go IN on this word.

We got two directions to take on this word.

The first direction is vertical (denotative) and the second direction is horizontal (connotative).

Note: Denotative is the exoteric definition (popular usage) and the Connotative definition is the esoteric/mythical definition.

Connotative and Exoteric

On paper, Storytelling is defined as "the act and skills of presenting stories and tales."

Once again, our Old Word Thinking creeps back into our lives and shows its signs of weaknesses.

How in the world are you going to define Storytelling using the word story in its definition?

What if I don't know what "Presenting" or "Story" means?

So, let's go a bit deeper.

Presenting is defined as several things, including:

  • to furnish or endow with a gift or the like, especially by formal act

  • to present someone with a gold watch

  • to bring, offer, or give, often in a formal or ceremonious way

  • to present one's card

  • afford or furnish (an opportunity, possibility, etc.)

  • to hand over or submit, as a bill or a check, for payment

Story is defined as the following:

  • a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader; tale

  • a fictitious tale, shorter and less elaborate than a novel

  • such narratives or tales as a branch of literature

  • song and story

  • the plot or succession of incidents of a novel, poem, drama, etc

Let's start again.

Storytelling is defined as "the act and skills of presenting stories and tales."

Let's throw that away.

Let's define Storytelling as "the act and skills to furnish, endow, offer, create, present, and/or expression an artistic work, either true or fictitious, through different means/media."

That's the simple definition, the denotative meaning.

Now, let's go in the other direction.


As we go up the ladder of knowledge and wisdom, we realize that first definition are for the people who can't wait for anything and that rush through life.

They want everything now, some even argue they need something YESTERDAY.

In what reality does that make sense?

Once again, the nuclear fallout from that toxic OLD WORLD.

When we arrive on a higher floor, we realize this floor has a different definition.

On this floor, we see the Esoteric and Mythic and Ritual Meaning.

Now, Storytelling is defined "the intent and purpose of packaging all wisdom and knowledge (scientific, mystical, metaphysical, cosmological, universal, historical, mythical, etc.) into various narratives that retain the inherent meaning of all levels of consciousness, usually delivered via oral means.


After the Barbarians, this has been defined as a "Myth" and, as you know, is an incorrect definition.

Remember that ancient Myths capture everything that Modern Society is NOW SEEKING.

That's right, all these issues and debates about Quantum Physics, Mechanics, and questions that plague them.

This was already done in the Ancient Myths of our Ancestors.

Are you excited yet?

You should be.

OMG, did you miss what just happened?

Ok, let's go back.

The Ancient Myths were not done by Scientists or Authority Figures, they were done by people like us.

Today, we call these people Artists.

In ancient times, they had many names, but for this blog, let's call them Griots.

So, as you embark on your journey as an Artist, know that your denotative/exoteric purpose is Storytelling, but your connotative/esoteric purpose is Packaging the Values, Insights, and Wisdom of your particular culture.

Good Luck Griot!

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