What is Visual Learning?

This Blog details an analysis of Visual Learning and whether it is a learning style, an industry, an outlook, or pseudoscience?


Miquiel Banks

4/8/20245 min read


You’ve heard the term, but what does it mean?

What is Visual Learning?

Is it a learning style, an industry, an outlook on the world, or pseudoscience?

In this blog, we’re going to answer these tough questions and get to the truth — what EXACTLY is Visual Learning?

Before we get into defining Visual Learning, we must get away from the trash of our past.

That’s right, flush the mental toxins out of our system!

Issue #1 - Education

The idea that Learning is one-sided is erroneous.

Teachers learn more, maybe more, when they teach subjects.

Ask any Guru when they fully understood a topic and they’ll respond, “When I began teaching.”

Don’t believe me?

How many experts do you know?

Approach them and ask them a question, “how do I become an expert in your industry?”

You’ll get excuses of all kinds, but all the excuses will translate into one phrase.

I know, but I can’t tell you. Sorry, I just know.

Now tell me, how does that help you?

Issue #2 - Not My Problem

The modern cynicism with not sharing is boiled down to the sheer nuclear fallout from Finance.

Since Money has become a God in Modern Society, we should only care about obtaining it, through any means.

As we see with the CoronaVirus and COVID-19, that path DOES NOT work.

Let’s return to Arts and Crafts, these are things that really matter.

Can you imagine a world without Music, Dance, Story, and Expression?

Learning Style

Visual Learning is proposed (in theory) as a basic type of learning style.

Sorry, I don’t buy it.

Around the world, our ancestors built huge and megalithic structures that are INCREDIBLY VISUAL.

I’m willing to bet, if they spent their time and focus on building them, Visual Expression must not only be important, but VERY IMPORTANT.

I also heard that we process most of our reality VISUALLY.

With those two ideas, let’s accept that Visual Learning is a feature of Humanity and as humans, Visuals are PARAMOUNT for Organizing, Retaining, Accessing, and Processing Information.


Visual Learning is fast becoming an industry and many of its most profound expressionists don’t identify with this industry.

For example, English Class is a problem because the words live in this “neutral cyberspace” where their meaning changes and is highly subjective.

First, the Poets jumped into the problem and used “Figurative and Symbolic” Language to address the problem.

The world said we disagree.

Next, the Scholars jumped into the problem and created dictionaries and encyclopedias.

The world said we disagree.

After that, Journalists and Businesses jumped into the problem and assumed that REPETITION of a word would make it “stick” in the general psyche of society.

The world said we heard, but we disagree.

And now, we have a “Wild West” of words, their meanings shot and fired into young and innocent minds.

Somehow, out of this dim reality, experts and movements have left this “war space” and evolved to using Visual Language as an expression.

For example, the Blue Ocean Strategy has two levels of Visual Learning.

Level 1 is the Metaphor, a technique taken from the playbook of the Poets.

Metaphor allows the communicator to “bridge” meaning by smashing two things together (like an atomic bomb) and creating something NEW from this collision.

In this scenario, the movement states the business worlds are oceans of possibility, but certain areas become infested and ravaged with competition and they call these areas RED OCEANS.

Rather than competing, the movement states that you should find a new area and create a new industry/demand and they call these areas BLUE OCEANS.

The reader/viewer is IMMEDIATELY TRAPPED in the Metaphor and they shout, I see it, I see it!

These people have been ensnared by the Level 1 IMAGE and they upgrade to the next level.

On Level 2, the reader/viewer is given diagrams, charts, and other Visual Items to organize, retain, access, and process information.

With this level of POWER, the reader/viewer experiences a SHIFT in Productivity and Efficiency.


Is Visual Learning an outlook on the world, or simply, a worldview?

Yes and No.

Regarding yes, VL is a worldview because it allows individuals to “experience” the world in a unique fashion.

Regarding no, VL is much more than a worldview.

It allows individuals to evolve beyond an orthodox language (English, French, Spanish, Latin, etc.), commonly used for the masses, and to achieve a new form of communication and expression.

And this new language is special.

It is sacred and divine.

It provides a gateway for individuals to embrace, express, and enrich their lives on higher levels.


This discussion right now, this is a great place to be.

Pseudoscience is a term used to demean another form of “expression” that the status quo deems “outside” of the scientific method.

According to the status quo, the scientific method is the ONLY WAY to experience the world.

What a bunch of bollocks!

A child is born and “knows” how to breastfeed.

Where did the child learn that?

Oh, the scientists argue, that’s natural.

And we respond, if that’s natural, then why do you hide evidence when dinosaur bones are found? How about when human bones are found that go back to 5 million years ago?

As you know, the scientists leave the room or jump on calls and refuse to respond.

Now, we can Visually define them.

According to them, they don’t care about all the colors of the rainbow, they are only interested in RED and the other colors, they don’t matter.

Can you imagine seeing a Rainbow with only a red color?

How silly does that sound?

Lucky for us, their world is fading away and now, we are going to a world where we can explore everything with new eyes and with new insights.

In our world, an artist’s opinion holds far more weight than a geeky scientist stuck in a lab.

In our world, there is no such thing as pseudoscience, there are only possibilities.

And with the onslaught of Quantum Physics, certain scientists are NOW INTERESTED in what artists have been saying for millions of years.


So what is Visual Learning?

Is it a learning style, an industry, an outlook on the world, or pseudoscience?

It is all of these and much more.

It’s an inherent component of Spirituality, Culture, and Artistic Expression.

In other words, it’s a primary piece of being HUMAN.

And as a primary piece, it will allow us to excel to higher levels of consciousness and rid the world of its global problems and pandemics.

I implore and ask you to join me in taking flight as we embark on the journey of Visual Learning.

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