Why is TV called Programming?

I don’t want to hurt your feelings or bruise your Ego, but I’m obliged to be honest with you. This Blog is your wake-up call to start your Heroic Journey.


Miquiel Banks

5/6/20242 min read

blog image - why is tv called programming
blog image - why is tv called programming


I don’t want to hurt your feelings or bruise your Ego, but I’m obliged to be honest with you.

You’re on a battlefield and part of a war you didn’t sign up for or agreed to.

And this battle goes back millions of years ago.

Now, you wonder, what sort of gimmicky religiosity is he going to give me now?

Sorry, but we’re not going into Spirituality or Religion or Philosophy, no need to.

I’m going to make this really simple.

There are two sides at war in our Reality.

One side cares about Light, Peace, and Harmonic Balance.

The other side cares about Perversion and Chaos.

The Light side gave us the Sacred Feminine, Matriarchy, Lateral Thinking, Imagination, Eternity, Cycles of Time, Ritual, Magick, Altered States, and Art.

The other side gave us Patriarchy, Vertical Thinking, History, Linear Time, Dogma, Rationality, Waking Reality, and Science.

The Light Side promises us Gnosis; the other side threatens us.

The Light Side gives Love; the other side promotes Fear.

The Light Side gave us The Matrix; the other side gave us Star Wars.

In ancient times, we had cycles of time (Yugas) and we understood our connection to Universal Law.

Now, we have Linear Time (BC/AD) and we are disconnected from everything, not just Nature and the Universe.

When we look back, we see our Freedoms slowly being taken from us.

Eternity was taken away and replaced with His-Story.

Yugas were taken away and replaced with Linear Time.

Ritual was taken away and labeled as Evil (Occult) and replaced with Dogma (Thou Shall Not).

Magick (Spirit, Crown, Heart) was taken away and replaced with Rationality (Logic).

Altered States were taken away and replaced with Waking Reality.

And now, we are in the last stage of this foolishness, replacing Art with Science.

In KMT, we had Metu NTR — a language with symbols and images.

The Barbarians came in and replaced that with an impoverished language, lacking symbols and images.

Ultimately, allowing ambiguity to set in and allow misinterpretation.

The largest benefit of this language change?

I can say one thing and know how you will take it, but I really mean SOMETHING ELSE that I’m not telling you.

The Final part of this transition is from Hot to Cold Media.

Hot Media lights up your synapses and allows you to “participate” and Cold Media “does all the work for you.”

And if TV is a Cold Medium, what is it doing to our souls and brains?

Is it “freezing” our capacity to create and evolve and think organically?

And if so, what is the systematic process for this “cold storage?”

Guess what, it’s right there in front of you.

Grab any listing of TV Shows and you’ll see it in BIG BOLD LETTERS.

They are not HIDING IT FROM YOU.


Simply . . . it’s called Programming.

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