That's a Flag: The Women's Guide to Refbombing

That's A Flag: The Women’s Guide to Refbombing - an eBook helping women find comic relief in their everyday lives.

Laughter is universal and who doesn't enjoy throwing FLAGS on their Friends?

Start my Comic Journey Now!

Book Cover - That's A FlagBook Cover - That's A Flag
Content Creation Masterclass

Crafting compelling narratives is not just a skill, it's a game-changer in the business world. Especially for you, the busy professional stepping into entrepreneurship.

But can you envision the impact evocative narratives can have on your audience? Can you feel the rush of engagement, the establishment of trust, the propulsion of your brand forward?

This is not just content creation, this is your storytelling power unleashed.

Book Cover - Content Creation MasterclassBook Cover - Content Creation Masterclass
From the Streets to the Boardroom: Hip Hop Lessons for Corporate Transformation

'From the Streets to the Boardroom' is an exclusive eBook that brings a fresh perspective of Hip Hop culture to invigorate your business strategies.

Aimed at CEOs, Chief Diversity Officers, and Senior Leadership Teams, our guide walks you through practical steps to infuse your business with the vibrancy and creativity of Hip Hop.

Book Cover - From the Streets to the BoardroomBook Cover - From the Streets to the Boardroom